Knights’ Cross Country results

The Thomas Dale Cross-Country Team is having a successful season this year.  The boys’ team has only one loss to Matoaca and the girls’ team is undefeated so far this season, for the first time in several years.

The Thomas Dale Boys Cross-Country Team defeated Meadowbrook October 3, by 15-50 score.  They ran on the Beaver Lake course in Pocahontas State Park.  The top ten finishers:

  1. Austin Correia (TD) 19:25  
  2. Grayson Smith (TD) 20:02  
  3. Harrison Wood (TD) 20:08  
  4. Logan Faughn (TD) 20:27  
  5. Coty Moore (TD) 20:44
  6. Patrick Murphy (TD) 21:22  
  7. Kevin Elliott (TD) 21:27  
  8. Jacob Courington (TD) 22:43  
  9. Michael Tres (TD) 22:49  
  10. Sam Higgins (TD) 22:55


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