Tractor-trailer crashes into mobile home injuring two

Shortly before 10 p.m. Sept. 28, Virginia State Police responded to a motor vehicle crash involving a tractor-trailer on Interstate 95 southbound south of Willis Road in Chesterfield County.  Sgt. Thomas Molnar of the Virginia State Police said the crash occurred when the fatigued driver of the 1995 GMC tractor-trailer ran off the right side of the roadway through a wooded area striking a mobile home. The mobile home is in the Holiday Mobile Home Park on Jefferson Davis Highway.

Two individuals, a 60-year-old female and a 12 year old male who were inside the mobile home, suffered minor injuries and were transported by ambulance to the hospital. Neighbors were terrified.

“I heard a horrible sound,” said June Gay, who is 76 years old and lives a couple of trailers down. “I told my my mother I bet something has come off that road [Interstate 95]. I was getting ready for bed when the crash happened and by the time I changed clothes and was going out the door to see what was going on, rescue crews were already out here.”  

Ruth Woolridge, who is 100 years old and also lives a few trailers away from the crash scene was shaken up. “I couldn’t go back to sleep, I was so afraid someone had been killed.”

The driver of the tractor-trailer, Clayton E. Ivey, 35, of Cleburne, Texas. was not injured and was assessed at the scene, by emergency medical technicians. Ivey was charged with reckless driving – failure to maintain proper control of his vehicle. The tractor-trailer was hauling clothes and a fork lift at the time of the crash. The mobile home is considered a total loss.


One man is lucky to be alive after a trench cave-in occurred during construction work on Sept. 26 at 12:20 p.m. at First Baptist Church (Centralia), which is located at the 2900 block of Kingsdale Road.

“The trench was eight-foot deep,” said Lt. Jason Elmore of Chesterfield Fire and EMS. When the emergency call first came in, a technical rescue crew from the county was dispatched. While that crew was enroute,  more information came into emergency communications and the call was upgraded to include the Regional Technical Rescue Team (This team includes Chesterfield, Richmond, Henrico and Hanover).

Lt. Elmore said that a worker already on scene removed some dirt from the victim’s back to enable him to breathe better and that he was buried under the dirt from waist down.

The specialized technical team, along with paramedics, went into immediate action. Command leaders, along with rescue personnel, began to plan the operation while medics provided aid to the victim and rescue units and equipment were readied. County police were invaluable on scene as they assisted with nearby roadway traffic, the onflux of bystanders trying to observe the rescue, directing fire and rescue units arriving on scene along with fire department command and assisting with media along with Lt. Jason Elmore.

Aerial ladder trucks were positioned with a firefighter in one of the buckets observing the operation from a bird’s eye view to assist command. Firefighters and technical rescue personnel needed to “shore up” [brace] the trench to prevent further cave-in and to be able to remove the victim. It was tedious and dangerous work. A huge vacuum truck sucked up portions of the dirt.

As dirt was removed, boards were slid into place to serve as walls and the boards were braced with jacks. It was an ongoing progress, remove some dirt, place a board, secure it, and then continue. At 2:40 p.m., after two hours of sweat breaking work, enough dirt had been removed and the trench was secure enough that the victim could be removed. After removing the patient, he was placed in a medic unit and transported to a hospital. Lt. Elmore said the cause is under investigation.

At the first dispatch,  rescue and medical personnel from Centralia, Bensley and Airport fire stations were  dispatched. When the call was upgraded at 12:24 p.m., additional medical personnel from Bensley Fire Station, the Technical Rescue Trailer from Dutch Gap Fire Station and the Regional Technical Rescue Team were added. County Police, the Mobile Command Unit and multiple battallion chiefs, tactical safety officers and other fire officials were on scene.


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