Women support Republican ticket at call center

Women were present at the Chester Victory office on Wednesday to rack up a record number of calls in the Fourth Congressional District for Romney/Ryan – Allen – Forbes.   It was a Women’s Call Day at the Victory Office where a record 47 women callers made a record 4,227 calls, well surpassing the Victory Office’s previous high of 2,719 calls set on a Veteran’s Call Day.  

The success of the day was the result of the cooperative effort of elected women officials, Del. Kirk Cox (66th District), and women supporters for the Republican ticket.  Susan Allen, wife of Republican senate candidate and former Governor George Allen,  was also able to stop by to thank the women for their efforts and to get the report on the record number of calls for the day. The Chester Victory Office is located in Chester in the Festival Park section of the Chester Village Green in the heart of Cox’s House District.  The majority of callers were from the 66th District, which comprises Colonial Heights and southern/western Chesterfield County.  Other callers came from other parts of Chesterfield County, Dinwiddie, and as far away as Longwood University.

Jenni Aulgur, former Cox intern who is a member of the McDonnell administration, was also there to make calls.  Kirk asked her to make a few comments and she mentioned the prominent role women play in the McDonnell administration and how we need that same leadership in D.C.  She encouraged the women “to talk to your friends, neighbors and family about how Romney/Ryan will bring back solid conservative policies to help move our country in the right direction over the next four years.”

During the day, three prominent elected Chesterfield Republican women served as hosts to welcome the women callers and to help make calls throughout the day.  Clover Hill District School Board member Dianne Smith was on hand to be a host/caller for a two-hour call period.  Chesterfield Supervisor Dorothy Jaeckle and Chesterfield School Board member Carrie Coyner, both from Bermuda District, were the lead women on this ambitious effort and also made remarks.  

In her remarks, Coyner stated, “As a woman, it’s wonderful to be a part of the Republican Party. When I first decided to run for School Board, one of the first people to support me was Kirk Cox. There are so many other men in the party that are appreciative and supportive of women who want to lead and represent. We are lucky to have men like Randy Forbes, George Allen and Mitt Romney who support women as leaders in this country.”  Jaeckle followed Coyner stating the Republican Party is really the party of women as “the party helps women get a better life through initiatives and a better economy. Republicans don’t believe developing a culture of dependency really helps women. I believe that’s the starkest difference between the two parties. Republicans really believe in individuality and jobs. That’s what we women want. We want what’s best for our children.”  

The Chester Victory Office is open Monday – Saturday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and is located at 3610 Festival Park Pz, Chester, 23831 – Tel: 804-247-7905 - schesterfieldhq@rpv.org.


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