COMMENTARY: CCPS shame on you

Politics is a nasty business. Those on either side of the ideological fence will do whatever it takes to get elected, even if it hurts their own self-interests. First Lady Michelle Obama requested to speak at one of Chesterfield’s elementary schools last week, but the school board would have nothing to do with it. They blamed “policy.”

I know it’s a policy;it was explained to me last year before back to school night. But some candidates gamed the system.

I understand back-to-school night. There are parents walking the halls and that means there would be quite a few voters at any one school. But Mrs. Obama only wanted to speak to the students. Was she going to hypnotize the students to go home and force their parents to vote for her husband? You and I both know that students in elementary school would not understand politics and she, being an intelligent woman would keep her comments to child obesity, learning or leadership.  

Chesterfield, missed a historic moment. But then again the majority of the school board members are Republicans in non-Republican clothing. They are not permitted “by policy” to be affiliated with any political party. Yet school board members break the policy at every turn when they attend Republican committee meetings and introduce Republican candidates for office at functions in this county. This is what this writer calls hypocrisy. When one gets in power they call the shots that benefit themselves. No matter what their political affiliation, common sense comes first and politics should be second.

Democrat and Republican have addressed Chesterfield students in the past. Republican George Allen and Terry McAuliffe spoke to a class at Cosby High School during the last election campaign between Barack Obama and John McCain.

Lloyd C. Bird High School was named after a Virginia State Senator for crying out loud. Sir Thomas Dale was Deputy Governor and then Governor of Virginia, and we named schools after them.

Chesterfield County Public Schools officially quoted only policy and had no comment; They ought to be ashamed of themselves.

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