GOOD & EVIL: New author probes the age-old question in a new way

The prophecies are coming true
Dare to believe
Dare to join the cause
Dare to fight
The day of the Third Son has come

Do you ever wonder if the government or some other organization is controlling your life, causing destruction of what you believe is right and wrong?

Rise of the 3rd Son creates a world run by the government and another, called the Foundation, an undercover entity that dictates the lives of all people.

New author, Steve James, has devised a cunning story of a group of three regular people whose lives are forever changed as a result of the organization that controls the government and people’s lives.

Steve James is a pseudonym for the local Chesterfield resident. James works by day as a tile and paint contractor. He’s a father of four and a graduate of a local high school.

By night, and in his free time, he penned Rise of the 3rd Son for Kindle at Amazon.

James started out by writing a screenplay and with suggestions then changed his plan. He wrote his novel and negotiated with Amazon’s publishing house to have it become part of the popular Kindle network. Rise of the 3rd Son will be exclusively on Amazon for three months which debuted in August.  James is in negotiation to have other book dealers include it in their line.

The almost 200-page novel is James’ first book, but not his last. “This is a supernatural tale that challenges you to examine your own life,” James shared. “It asks you to the question - how far would you go to do the right thing?” The science fiction novel challenges the average person’s thinking on what is really going on behind the veneer that is often presented to the world.

James said this book makes people think about the world we live in today. “It chronicles the average person’s struggle against corruption,” James said. “It also looks at how to recapture their lives after loss and horrible tragedy.”

James said “the idea of good and evil with a twist of the supernatural had been rolling around in my head for more than five years when I decided to write a screenplay.” The characters in the book are three very normal people - James Dennon, Elizabeth Burnett and Ethan Forestal. They all live in a very uncertain world. Each of their lives are changed as they try to survive and change a world that has been taken over by corruption. The book travels with the three characters and a prophet, Samuel, on a journey to battle evil and find answers about their own lives and the changes they have seen in society.

James said that he hopes people can find some meaning in his writing.  He said we all search for our “individual meaning in the world.” He hopes that he can gain some fans and hopes to give back to people. “I’d like to think I could inspire people to take chances they wouldn’t have,” he shared.

The book is available on Amazon for the Kindle for $3.99 at  

James plans to follow his first work with two or three more books in the series, and he’s begun work on the second book already.


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