Police to step up patrols as school starts

Chesterfield County Public Schools open on Tuesday, Sept. 4, and police are gearing up to patrol school zones. Chesterfield County Police are reminding residents to:Slow down.

  • Heed flashing signs and reduced speed limits within all school zones.
  • Stop for school buses picking up and dropping off students; those who fail to stop can be charged with reckless driving.
  • Be cognizant of students walking or bicycling at or near crosswalks.
  • Drive cautiously on neighborhood streets where students are likely to gather for school bus pick-up.

Chesterfield County Public Schools and police encourage parents to have their child ride the bus beginning with the first day of school. Police say the traffic generated by parents dropping off their children can cause safety concerns and add to the traffic congestion in school parking lots and on the roads that serve them.
Additional officers will be posted at and near school zones beginning September 4. Please help make the school year safer for students and motorists by driving responsibly.


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