Genetically modified America

Beef, poultry, fresh eggs, oh my.  This is what has been on my mind lately, food. I have been educated on things that I knew existed, but it is so much easier to stick my head in the preservative-laden sand. It’s just easy and too affordable to eat things that are slowly killing us. I know, I know, if it’s not one thing it’s another, but when I seriously look at labels on food, it scares me.

You know, they say that the longer the list of ingredients, the farther away it is from being “real food”.  I cringe when I look at what I have in my house. The list on the cereal box is about a mile long, with the last ingredient being a “BHT preservative”. Wonderful, what am I feeding my kids, and myself? It’s scary and also completely over-whelming.

I try to buy “all natural” and that’s a great start, but again, it’s extremely hard to do. And now, not only do I worry about hormones and antibiotics and weird chemical preservatives, but I also have to worry about genetically modified fruit and vegetables. Seriously, why do I need to have to look at a bag of corn and wonder if it’s “real corn” or genetically modified. What has happened to our food system?

I was recently listening to NPR (National Public Radio) on the way home and heard a brilliant lecture on our food system, not just here, but all over the world. I can’t remember the woman’s name (sorry), but she was talking about how we just don’t give food the respect that it deserves anymore. We are so far removed from where our food comes from it’s scary. As she stated, “ we depend on what others provide for us, in a box no less, to eat”. Yes, she is so right. We just march along like good little ants picking up box after box of chemically-overloaded “food”.  

I can preach all day on this and still sit down tonight and drink my Diet Coke. I know I am a hypocrite, but as I have said, it’s just too easy and cheap to eat like crap.  My very good friend has been a part of a farm host family right here in Chester, where she gets her beef, poultry and fresh eggs. Did you know that egg yolks are actually orange, not yellow? What are they doing to us? As my dear friend stated, “Americans are nothing but guinea pigs and have been for a long time.” It’s beyond frightening.

I recently have been on Deer Run Farms in Amelia’s website, looking over their price list and wondering if we can really do this. Can I pay extra for grass-fed beef or poultry that is organic, soy free and non-gmo (genetically modified)? As you all know, since I tell you guys all my business, we are on a very tight budget but it’s worth it, right?  To know that my children are eating pure beef and poultry from right here in Virginia and not some chicken from California does make me feel like I am doing my best to put good things into their growing bodies.

The fact that there is a debate going on right now in our country on whether or not food should be labeled non-gmo is devastating to me. Why is this an issue? Why are you genetically modifying our seeds so that an apple doesn’t brown when exposed to air? An apple is supposed to brown, it’s not about convenience, it’s about it being a gift from God. Not only are we altering ourselves (plastic surgery, botox, etc.) we are now altering our food system. What is wrong with us?

I could continue to rant and rave and cry at the grocery store over all of the labels – did you know my frozen stir fry vegetables are from China and Ecuador. But I think I will just start slowly and make little changes. We will have to discuss becoming a part of this farm, right here in Chester, and go from there.

In the mean time, I will continue to be as diligent as I can and try and buy things with five ingredients or less; it’s a start. And don’t worry,  I will let you know about the farm and try not to drink any more Diet Coke; it’s the least I can do.


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