Right tools for the right job

A crescent wrench is not a hammer; a screwdriver is not a prying tool. I spoke with a lady today whose husband spent two months in the hospital and the rest of this summer recovering from massive head trauma and other injuries associated with a tragic accident. My understanding is that this accident occurred when a ladder was placed in the bucket of a piece of equipment in an attempt to cut limbs out of a tree. The person fell, striking the steel bucket on the way down. I am thankful that this man survived this accident, but we must learn from incidents where something went wrong, or a piece of equipment was used for something other than what it was intended to be used for.

There are many jobs that require special tools, however, the common practice is to use whatever you have that might work. The problem is that the tool being used is not designed for that job. The result may be an injury or greater damage to whatever is being worked on. I dislike plumbing, but the other day I had to replace two shower valves. The man that helped me at Lowe’s stated that I needed a special tool to remove the valve seat. You should have seen me trying to put that valve seat on the valve – it just was not going to happen. The light bulb came on when I thought to go look at the pipe where the valve screwed into it, and there it was. With a bit of difficulty, the special tool eventually removed the two deteriorated valve seats.

This brings me to another point, not only the right tool for the right job but the right person for the job as well. Without going into too much detail, a person might say that he can accomplish something only to get your money. The problem comes when this person wants to be paid up front for his work, especially when he doesn’t possess the expertise to do the job. Many times, the cheapest bid on a job might not be the blessing that it looks like. Let’s talk sheetrock for a moment. A man says he knows sheetrock only to prove that he doesn’t know sheetrock. By the time a person is hired to fix the first man’s work, the price is greater than the highest bid received on the job. You must check into the people that you hire to do work for you. There are plenty of people that will take your money and leave you with an inadequate or unfinished job.

Using the right tool for the right job, and having the right person using the right tools, will usually result in a good outcome. Cutting corners results in safety infractions that could result in injury or death to an individual or individuals. Tools are expensive and some will be used infrequently. A commercial for a particular oil filter used to say “you can pay me now or you can pay me later.” That saying can apply to many things that we set out to do today. I commend you for attempting to tackle a job that you have never done before, but at what costs. People have become maimed or killed from falls from a roof, ladder or a tree. Electrocutions occur when a person comes in contact with an energized line. Take the time to learn what a job entails and most of all, be careful.


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