Senate hopeful George Allen stops in Chester boutique

Former Senator George Allen, in an effort to win back his U.S. Senate seat, made a campaign stop in Chester last Thursday, at a local business in the Village Green.  She Chester, located at 11884 Chester Village Dr., hosted several folks for Governor Allen’s visit.  Gov. Allen’s office called She Chester to see if it was okay for him to stop-in to show support for small businesses and to share his vision for Virginia.  Mary Schindel, owner of She, was surprised and thrill when she received the phone call. In preparation, she ordered special cookies for the guests coated with a large red check and the word Vote.  Her dad, Mike Dubus, brought out one of his antique fire engines and the pathway to the shop was lined with Allen for Senate signs.

Gov. Allen asked a lot of questions of Schindel about her business and how she got started.  He was also interested in purchasing something for his wife, Susan, which he did before leaving the shop.  After an introduction by Carrie Coyner, Bermuda School Board representative, Allen spoke about the importance of small businesses and how he wanted to carry Schindel’s story to Washington in support of small businesses.  He also talk about the cuts in the military and that he would eliminate them and how the first thing he was going to do when he arrived in Washington was to see that Virginia was able to begin drilling off-shore for oil and gas.

Schindel presented a gift to Gov. Allen and one for his wife at the end of his visit.


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