Chesterfield County economic development land the big fish

The Chesterfield Economic Development (CED) has caught some big fish lately. Amazon was a whopper; Capital One, not too shabby with the Northup Grumann Information Center adding to the mix. And that’s just at Meadowville Technology Park in Enon. More announcements of big business will be coming soon for the 1,300 acre site.

Will Davis, director of CED, said that Meadowville interchange at Interstate 295 has made the difference between a successful project and one that could have sat there for years.

Other industrial parks have been netting new business, as well as highly technical operations. CED landed a number of new businesess and additions at the Ruffin Mill Industrial Park such as Sabre, a snack dip company. Started in 2008, it has hooked enough business to fill phase I, with phase II at 30 percent.

According to Davis, much of the expansion can be attributed to the BRAC expansion at Fort Lee, which brought support business for the operations at Fort Lee.

“I was really pleased to see how many business people took the time out of their day to go on the economic development tour of Chesterfield County,” said Dorothy Jaeckle, Supervisor of the Bermuda District. “One of the goals of our board has been to have a positive, open relationship with area businesses.” 

Not only Meadowville and Ruffin Mill have done well, but the James River Industrial Center, an older facility is a 630-acre site that is also a good place for an outside business to land. These successes have all been in the Bermuda District although there have been successes at the Watkins Center and the entertainment center that will open in November, Uptown Alley, a $19.6 million investment in the county.

“We want Chesterfield to be considered a partner that works with businesses not an impediment to businesses. Jay Stegmaier, [Chesterfield County Administrator,] in particular, has worked very hard at establishing relationships with the area businesses,” said Jaeckle.


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