Community center will offer new opportunities for students living in Greenleigh

It was just an idea for a tutoring center, a simple idea really.

Get a trailer for the Greenleigh Trailer Park to use to help tutor Hispanic students with English and other school studies.

The original idea came when middle-school teacher Debi Middleton saw the Hispanic population at Elizabeth Davis Middle School increase to more than 20 percent.  She was concerned about how to communicate with some of the students that could hardly speak English, and she was concerned about how to reach out to their parents to discuss concerns for the students.

“I felt like there was a need to communicate with the parents and help the students in the  Greenleigh Trailer Park and I started looking for a grant to open a tutoring center at the location,” said Middleton, Social Studies Department Chair Elizabeth Davis. Middleton had no idea how to make the tutoring center a reality. “I had big dreams, but of course had no idea what it would take to accomplish such a task,” Middleton shared.

Luckily, word spread about the idea and with the help of Carrie Coyner, Bermuda school board representative, a committee was brought together to start the center.
The Greenleigh Community Partners center will open in mid-September just in time for this year’s school year.

And, the center will be so much more than Middleton’s vision. Others became involved in the center and it will offer a variety of services. The original idea of a tutoring center now includes the YMCA, police representativesfire representatives, and representatives from several local churches.

“The original idea of a tutoring center has been expanded to include the YMCA and other organizations that would like to improve this community,” said Middleton. “It has turned out to be this amazing combination of people that want to make our community a better place.” The center will include tutoring, beginning with two days a week for elementary children coordinated by Joan Temple, principal of Elizabeth Scott Elementary school and Middleton handling middle school tutoring.

The Greenleigh Community Partners will also include movie nights and spiritual activities sponsored by some local churches. Ironbridge Baptist is only one of the churches involved with outreach and community activities. The YMCA is offering soccer and other organized play.

This center will also be able to be used for parent teacher conferences (if needed), and will have computer and internet access so parents and students of that community will have access to internet and Edline.

The grand opening is scheduled for Sept. 15 with an open house on that Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the center in Greenleigh just past the office.

At the grand opening students can sign up for tutoring, as well as several team building activities (soccer, organized play, etc.) and tutoring will begin the following week.

Tutoring will start off small (two days a week) and expand from there. There will be an hour of tutoring on Tuesday and Thursday for middle, then elementary students. The tutoring will be based on a six-week schedule.

Truly, a great way “to really help this community,” Middleton shared.



I read the recent article with anticipation and excitment for what is yet to come. What an amazing effort!
I felt extreme respect for those that have worked to establish such an opportunity for the community. The comments (about 'who's paying' and 'why wasn't this done before') blew my socks off. Seriously. The negativity is disappointing.

Never fails. The very people that have NOTHING to do with community efforts are the very people to be 'mouths'.

Trust me, No one is asking you for a dime.

You probably will not see the fruit of this labor intensive effort immediately, but the end result will make a huge impact on our own children and their future (and I can only see revenue generated with more educated citizens, working and paying taxes) So it's a huge win-win.

I'm proud of those leaders and volunteers alike that donate their time (who's paying them?) No one.

"they" are just ordinary

"they" are just ordinary people, a teacher in fact, that decided to make a difference in her community. I can not speak about why "they" did not do this in the past but I can speak for me, until a few years ago I had no problem communicating with parents that lived in Greenleigh. However, communication has become more difficult as the population changed. I would like to ask why "you" never did "this" for the children of Greenleigh? As for the second part of your statement about whether "immigration going to be monitored" the target population are children, who were born in the United States... citizens of the United States. Surely, you are not suggesting that we deny educational opportunities to citizens of the United States. Regardless what their parents immigration status is those children have every right to an education. For a moment stop and think what would happen if we did not educate that entire section of the population, one that is growing faster than any other group in the United States. We would have a large portion of our society illiterate and unable to make a living later in life. That in turn would create more crime and less taxable income. I for one would like to give all children the foundation they need to become healthy, happy, productive citizens.

I want to know why they did not do this before

Why did they wait until the park was majority Hispanic? Why did they never do this for all the children that grew up there before?
Is Immigration going to monitor to see how many are legals? I bet not. This is a slap in the face to every one who ever lived there and made that park what it was a few years ago. Its a slum now.

Who is paying?

I believe the trailer came from Chesterfield schools. A trailer that was in, according to school member Cary Coyner, the trailer junk yard.
The rest of the work on the modular classroom is volunteer and churches.
Village News will have a followup story on a project to repeat the project in other areas in which students need a little tutoring.

I would like to know who is

I would like to know who is paying for this new community center?

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