An Awfully Big Adventure

It’s that time of year: the buses start patrolling the streets, children dance with excitement about starting a new year (well, the little ones anyway) and parents go in debt buying all of the required school supplies. School has begun.  It doesn’t usually have an impact on our household other than that we have to leave a little early in the mornings to miss the bus traffic, but that has changed this year.  Our big guy will be starting preschool this week. 

He will be leaving the comforting, nurturing loving arms of his MeMe to venture into the world of scissors, crayons, pencils, and circle time.  He is so excited, as am I.  He will only be going two mornings a week, then returning safely back to his MeMe for the remainder of the day.  At first I didn’t think that was enough time in preschool, but I have come to realize that a slow introduction to the world of education would probably be for the best. I mean come on, he will be in school for the rest of his life practically.  I just want him to have a good start when it comes to kindergarten (Eek! Two years away), for him to be prepared and on the same level with the other children, which I’m positive he will be; he’s a brilliant little bugger.

I know that every parent says, “They grow up so fast.” I hear it at least once a day from someone (I work with children, so I’m more apt to hear it than others) and I used to just think, “Oh yeah, well I can’t wait for the twos and threes to be over.”  However, now I realize exactly what they were referring to.  It DOES seem like yesterday that he was a cooing, drooling little baby.  Now he’s getting ready to start this educational journey that marks his existence in such a meaningful way, at least to me.  To me it simply means he’s growing up and it’s wonderful yet heartbreaking at the same time.  They truly do grow up so fast.  To think that four years ago I was pregnant with him at this time and now he will be starting school and learning how to write his name blows my mind.  

On he will march on the first day of school, proudly displaying his new T-Rex book bag full of school supplies. I couldn’t quite believe it either – school supplies for pre-school?  However, I did feel very mom-like buying the required crayons, markers, glue sticks, “fat” pencils, and scissors.  I can only hope that I will not become a weeping slobbering mess when he enters into his classroom on the first day.  And hope even more that he will not become a screaming slobbery mess.  I’m pretty sure he will do well in this new adventure of his “big guy” life; at least I hope so for my sake.


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