Signs of the times

Those little blue signs or white and green signs you drive past everyday on the way to work or the grocery store, are significant in a number of ways. They represent zoning, condition use (relatively small changes to existing zoning) or even changes the way a development may be laid out.

At the Chesterfield County Planning meeting on August 27, a number of cases are up for consideration:

Cascade Creek Homes in Dale District is requesting a change in zoning to allow commercial uses on 12-acres at the corner of Cogbill Road and Five Forks Lane.

Cambridge Construction is asking that a 1.6-acre parcel of agricultural zoning (A) and an additional tract of .8 acres zoned commercial on Iron Bridge Road opposite Courtyard Road get relief from some buffer policies. A shopping strip is planned.

Emerson Companies is requesting a change use for additional apartments on Fountain Square Plaza, to allow addition apartments on the site in the Chester Village Green development and to delete the cash proffer on the .8 acre lot.

John and Kimberly Hughes are asking the planning commission that they be allowed to build on their agricultural land a fast food restaurant at the corner of Beach and Spring Run roads.

A cell tower is proposed at River Road about a half mile from Bundle Road. Planning staff says the property is intended for rural conservation use.

Stericycle is asking that they be permitted additional storage trailers and relief to refrigeration requirements at 1306 Bellwood Road.

The commission will also discuss Codes relative to flood plains, and the policy related to alternative financial institutions.

These are only cases that affect the Village News readership area.


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