NEVER ALONE: 30 years in the making

The idea for her new book, Never Alone, came to author Christine Phillips when she was a mere 17-year-old girl.

At the time certainly she didn’t know that Never Alone would be set in the little town of Chester, but now that the author’s vision has materialized, it’s got a lot of elements of the small town and lots of references to local spots. She says some familiar streets are mentioned in the book, such as Centralia and Winfree and a local eatery is described.

The story is a heartwarming tale of two brothers. They never knew about each other…until now. The two main characters, Ethan Asher and Jeremiah Webster, are identical twins that were separated at birth and reunited by tragedy in young adulthood. They share an unbreakable bond and a strong faith in God that is tested when Ethan discovers he is being stalked…the stalker mistakes Jeremiah for Ethan… and a Christmas blizzard brings this mystery to a head. But through it all, the twins learn that when they support each other and trust God to lead them through the storms of life, they are Never Alone.

Phillips was finally able to make her 30 year dream a reality due to the Agile Writers group and the leader Greg Smith. Agile Writers is a group that aims to help aspiring writers complete a manuscript. Smith said the “group helps the begin­ning writer cre­ate a first-draft novel. The process of get­ting from a blank page to a full man­u­script is based on the writ­ings of experts in the field and our expe­ri­ences run­ning the Chesterfield Writers Club. It is the con­tention of Agile Writers that any­one who has a story to tell can com­plete a first-draft novel in six months.”

She joined a writing group in 2009. “I spend two years of steady work in the group developing my book,” Phillips said. “And a few months of editing followed to get to this stage.” The Agile Writers group meets monthly and they can be contacted at

Smith shared that the group is continuously looking for new members. “We currently have about 15 members and they work in groups of three to help each other move along on their manuscripts aiming to write 10 pages a week,” he said.

The Agile Writers Press published Phillips novel. She shared, “We’re hoping to have copies in Christian bookstores by December.” The story deals with varied topics. Phillips shared, “I’ve dealt with some depression and I hope this story will encourage others through positive literature.”

The story of the separated twins is one Phillips has been fascinated with since she was young. She said her characters were alive in her mind long before they were in her book. “It’s an awesome feeling to have the characters come to life in your head and direct the work,” she shared.

She said her goal is to help others. “Helping others is what I want to do, whatever way that is.” She shared a bible verse that loosely said that “if you don’t use your talents you will lose them.”

Phillips feels God gave her a talent. “God gave me a talent to write, it’s been hidden too long; I want to share what talents I have to help others.”

Never Alone will sell for $15 a copy. Phillips and five other new authors of the Agile Writers group will be at the Meadowdale library Saturday at 10:30 a.m. to sign books and meet folks. Phillips invites everyone to come out.

“I want people to know that when they go through tough times God is with them and they have people to support them and they are not alone,” she shared. She can be reached at

Phillips has begun the sequel to Never Alone.


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