Dodd remembered Griffith just as his reputation has been reported

The passing of Andy Griffith last week was especially remembered by Imogene Dodd.  Her husband Garland Dodd had traveled to Seattle for a county government convention.

Mr. Dodd, represented the Bermuda District on the Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors for 12 years. It was 1984 when he took the trip along with Jeff Applegate, Clover Hill District Supervisor and traveled on the same flight with Griffith. According to Mrs. Dodd’s son, Kent Dodd, his mother remembers his father, Garland, saying that he shared a plane with Griffin on his return home and that Griffith was easy to talk to. “Like talking to your neighbor,” said Dodd, repeating what his mother said as she remembered her husband’s comments after meeting Griffith.

Garland Dodd was chairman of the Chesterfield board in 1986, when in August, the board adopted the Northern Area Plan and Transportation Plan during the county’s Comprehensive Plan process. Dodd also played a major part in salvaging and creating the park known today as Henricus Historical Park.

Dodd’s work  was remembered with the renaming of Point of Rocks Park, which is now known as the R. Garland Dodd Point of Rocks Park.  When he passed, hundreds attended his funeral at Kingsland Baptist Church.  He was a people’s man, just as Griffith was. He reached out to help people making life a little better for them and a thereby a better community for his constitutes.


It panes me too say sew...

"...a better community for his constitutes."

A very nice article about two apparently praiseworthy people (Andy Griffith and Garland Dodd). That's why it is especially painful to see your writer stub his/her toe on the last word of the article that in all likelihood should be "constituents" and not "constitutes." Ouch.

These malapropisms occur awl two often. Ewe mite benefit from sum proofreading, peer review cross-checking, ore anything else that wood help...

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