Scouts organize project to benefit community

Boy Scout Troop 2877 digs to help the Chester community, this time at the Chester Village Green. Boys and adults from Troop 2877, chartered by Chester Presbyterian Church, dug a three foot diameter by four feet and ten inches deep hole to hold the new flag pole for the Chester Village Green.  Among the boys and adults present were five Eagle Scouts, who, for their individual service projects, have organized over 600 man-hours of work in public areas to benefit the citizens of our community.  They have built gardens, bridges and retaining walls and this time they came back just because they wanted to serve their community.

“That is the kind of citizen scouting helps to build,” said scout leader Brad Peebles. 

These boys were joined by one of the newest members of the troop, an eleven-year-old Tenderfoot Scout, Andrew Fesperman.  According to Peebles, the young man is just learning what Scout service is all about; in a few years he too may come back to serve his community because of the role models he saw in this project.


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