Getting too personally involved

Add cayenne pepper to the seed. That’s what I read on the web; today’s Encyclopedia Britannica. You see, Linda enjoys feeding the birds, I mean squirrels, and we have beautiful birds, same ones as you have, but maybe few more of them. For years we have been trying to eliminate the little buggers, not the birds, but the rats with fuzzy tails – so called squirrel-proof feeders, special hangers for the feeders and now cayenne pepper mixed with the seed. Yeah, that worked. Turns out it just added that hint of spice that squirrels love. I saw one fat squirrel bring his little front paw, squeeze his little squirrel fingers together, bring them to his mouth and kiss them. I could almost hear his “mwah” as he paused for a moment to enjoy the fabulous new flavor.  

This squirrel eradication thing has been a major project around our house and I have become, always supporting Linda in anything she does, serious with these pains in the butt.

I ‘ve become too personally involved.

Someone told me to trap them and set them loose far from my neighborhood, but I think that is illegal. Someone else told me to get out the shotgun and blast away, but how long do you think that would go on before Chesterfield’s finest would be sitting, lights flashing, in my driveway ready to call the SWAT team. “Come out with your hands up.”

So maybe I’ll pass through Chester and head up to Walmart and get a BB gun, sit on my porch and give them a little shot in the rear when they come toward the bird feeders.

I’ve become too personally involved.

I can internalize the aggravation I experience while watching the insipid direction our community is headed. But in the end you get what you pay for and why should I care more than anyone else. This is a conversation Linda and I have endlessly when I return from a meeting or official event. These conversations usually end with about half-a-dozen shots of tequila. Kidding! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that I see myself as Captain America or Captain Chesterfield, and who do I think I am to care enough to grind my teeth when I see where the community may be headed? Who am I to police the highways, development and subdivisions of southeastern Chesterfield?

I’m too personally involved.

To get specific, would be to my own detriment. All I can do is continue to help others make little strides on your side. As far as the newspaper is concerned, I work hard to stick to the facts and not let emotions get involved. That being said, I will defend my articles, not my columns, as being as fair as I can possibly make them. Now some people would say I should incessantly exchange theses articles back and forth to obtain a he-said-she-said structure until the pile of words look like an argument between two high-schoolers fighting it out in the school parking lot..“Let’s take it outside.”

I’m too personally involved.

I have a feeling that, after my run in November, the things I would like to accomplish will come to a screeching halt.

I’m too personally involved.

Some don’t understand why someone could get emotionally involved in their town or county. Why would someone try to move the status quo in another direction? You might say, “Why do you care?” Now I’m wondering the same thing. Lately, I’m questioned by some in the good ‘ol boy network, “Why don’t you like me? What have I ever done to you?”

Well, it’s not necessarily what’s been done to me, because all I am trying to do is expose the truth. That sounds like some arrogant ass who thinks they have magic powers, but it comes down to a basic difference in philosophy. Do all you can for yourself, when you’re in a position to do so, or think of those who have made you what you are and give a little bit back. But why should I give a hoot?

I’m too personally involved.

I’ve seen a number of groups who have worked very hard to make this a better place to live. They bring events; give access to what other more well-healed communities have and try to offer to our little end of the county a sense of place where they can more proudly call home. But do we see help from those who benefit the most from some of these community efforts? I think not. Someone said recently, “The reason I’m doing this is to get my property values where they should be. I don’t have to do this if you don’t want it.” In other words, I do a little better and the rest is your problem, even to the point of pushing a personal agenda up to the courthouse.

I’m getting older and more tired, and my words becoming bitterer by the week. Linda says just let it go, and I just may do that and quit getting…

Too personally involved.


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