Max wants to choose his own food

Hello and welcome back to the Dogpound where food is seldom an issue.  In the not too far future… red lights appear in the rearview mirror and an officer of the law approaches a car.  Driver, “Hello officer..was I speeding?”  Officer peering into the car “No sir, I just noticed it looked like you had a lot of picnic stuff packed in the back of your van?”  Driver,  “Yes sir.  We are going over to my wife’s parents’ house for our annual Fourth of July cookout.”  Officer, “Please step out of the car and open the trunk for me.”  The driver raises the truck and the officer starts to sort through the various picnic items.  “There it is.”  “What is ‘there’ officer?”  “You have several two liter bottles of regular Coke, Pepsi, and Sprite.”  The officer responded as he pulled the offending bottles from the picnic basket and laid them on the ground.  Wife, “I do not understand…what is wrong with having bottles of soft drinks?”  “ Well madam,the Mayor has just pushed through an ordinance that bans all regular soft drinks that are served in any container larger than 16 ounces.”  “But officer,” The Driver pleaded, “We really are responsible parents.  We have several packages of small four-ounce plastic cups that will only be used to serve the soft drinks.”  “Sir, I am sure your intentions are good, but we cannot take that chance.  Our kid’s health is at stake.  I am sure you can understand that.  So I need you to pour out the bottles…”.  The officer words are cut off by the squawk of the walkie-talkie.   “ it…10-4.”  The office shouts into the mike.  “Folks I have to run, there is an emergency…so I will just have to let you off with a verbal warning this time.”  Wife to the officer “What happened?  A big car accident or terrorist threat?”  “ I wish that was the case, we have a reliable report that an ice cream truck was spotted near a playground on Broad Street. “The husband and wife watch the officer speed off down the road with his lights flashing and siren wailing.  As the officer’s car disappears the wife gently squeezes her husband’s arm and whispers, “Do you think the children will be okay?”  The husband puts his hand gently on top of hers and responds, “Honey, I am sure they will be, after all we have one of our finest on the way to keep them out of harm’s way.”

I know you may be chuckling now but this may come to pass as indicated by actions just taken by  New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.  The Mayor is pushing for a ban on all soft drinks served in any container larger than 16 ounces, which includes all restaurants, food carts, stores and movie theaters.  One of the reasons that prompted this effort was recent studies that showed that over 50 percent of the adults and nearly 40 percent of the children in New York are considered obese or overweight. This is not being put to a vote…only the Board of Health has to sign off on the Mayor’s proposal to make this into law.  There is no indication that the ban will also include limiting a person from buying more than one 16 ounce drink at a time, which would be an easy way to circumvent this law.  However, if the ban does become law, this might become an added restriction along with a ban on two scoops of ice cream and the firing of Big Mac from the menu.

That is all for now.  As always be good, play safe, and remember to eat healthy or the government will come to your house to make sure that you do.  

JR and Max


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