SportsQuest hits the auction block

SportsQuest is no longer the dream it once was. Shaw Industries Sports Complex Holdings, LLC was the only bidder and took the SportsQuest property at auction last week after forcing the auction through a lien on the property.

Shaw’s attorney, Bradley J. Lefkowitz, who took bids from his client over the phone, did not promise that Shaw would build the sports complex promised by Steve Burton, who was planning the multi-sport facility.

“Shaw will fulfill their obligation according to the law,” Lefkowitz said

Two parcels of land were sold at auction; one includes nine soccer fields, which Chesterfield County leased from Burton with unfinished parking lots and a concession stand and restrooms. The first parcel auctioned was a 115-acre piece, which brought $4.2 million. The second parcel, only five acres, brought $450,000 through auction. The county assessment on two parcels totals over $7.5 million, according to county records.

Mike Golden, director of Chesterfield Parks and Rec said there were games being played there on Tuesday, the evening of the auction, and another set of games Thursday last week, and there was a full schedule planned at the complex of soccer fields. Chesterfield’s interest is secured by a lease.

Shaw is a Berkshire Hathaway company that has about 600,000 shares whose CEO is Warren Buffett.


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