Max had a busy day

Hello and welcome back to the malfunctioning automotive world of the Dogpound.   I have a 2004 CRV Honda and it has served me well over the years, so it was no surprise when my A/C stopped cooling.  I took it to the dealership and they put in a refurbished unit.  After a short trial I went back to them and told them I did not think it was cooling sufficiently….and of course when they looked it over, they said it was working just fine.  I was not happy but thought I would give a bit more time…and then it started to stop all together. It would cool for a few minutes and then it would shut off for a while...then I made an appointment  to take it back on Thursday for a closer look.  Now there is more to my story, of course.  On Monday of that same week, I got off from work…walked out to my car…got in…shut the door and I heard this tinkle, tinkle sound.  I looked around and I found my rear passenger window had a hole in it and the sound was from the glass shards falling to the floor of the car. I have no idea what happened, but the repair shop said they could come down Thursday morning to replace the glass while my car sat in the parking lot.   Now I had two things to do on my car for Thursday and, if you guessed I am not finished with Thursday automotive chores, then you are 100 percent correct.  On Wednesday I had an eye appointment and on the way back I started to hear a thumping sound that gradually got worse as I got closer to home.    I initially thought this was related to my A/C problems…a loose hose or connector…but a home garage inspection did not reveal anything that I could see that was hanging or out of place,  and it only did it when the car was in motion.  I debated driving the car to the Honda dealership on Thursday but they were over 30 miles away and the noise was getting really bad.  So I nursed the car over to the local shop and begged them to take a look under the car and see what was banging.  The initial under the carriage look did not show anything but they did find it…four of my five lug nuts were missing on my front tire.  I was one lug nut from a major accident.  No idea how I lost so many.  Since 2004 I have not lost one lug nut, but I went for the gold this time.  So the good news is my baby is back where she belongs..the tires have lug nuts, the A/C is working, and the window is repaired.  Wow..what a week!

As always be good, play safe and remember to be careful out there.  

JR and Max


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