Last dance before kindergarten

Pre-k promThe graduating pre-K students from the Goddard School on Krause Road in Chesterfield enjoyed a Mardi Gras prom as their group event before graduation and heading off to their designated elementary schools to begin kindergarten.  Dressed in their prettiest dresses and sharpest clothes, these 5-year-olds enjoyed their favorite foods, chicken nuggets, cheese balls, carrots and dip, pretzels and chips, and their favorite desserts,  brownies and cookies.

The best part of the fun came when the music started and everyone took to the dance floor.  Uncle Pete provided the music with songs like Sponge Bob Square Pants, Ring Around the Rosie, The Chicken Dance and more. They danced with each other, they danced with their dads and moms and they ran around in circles.

Three pre-K classes enjoyed the event, held last Friday.  Owners of the pre-school, Debbie and Jim Womack, came up with the idea last year and plan to continue it each year.  

“It’s their last big event before graduation,” said Debbie Womack.  The school has been operating for nine years, serving infants through 12-year-olds.  During its second year, the school expanded with the addition of a gym.  It’s total enrollment is 330.

More photos here!


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