Local golfer scores back-to-back hole-in-one

An avid golfer has about a one in five chance in his lifetime to score a hole-in-one.  When approaching a par three, the odds are about 25,000 to one against achieving an ace.  Betting odds against scoring two holes in one in a single round rise to about 10 million to one.  Dr. Francis Scheid, chairman of the math department at Boston University argues that the odds actually approach 67 million to one.  

Although an accomplished golfer and leader on the Matoaca golf team, Matt Padgett had never had a hole-in-one, but that all changed on Saturday afternoon.  Matt was part of a foursome that included Warrior teammate Peyton Broach, Chase Northcott, and First Tee Director of Golf Craig Wood. On the seventh hole, Matt’s sand wedge hit the flagstick before falling into the cup.  “The pin was cut just over a knoll, so we didn’t see it go in,” explained Padgett.  “We heard it hit the flagstick, but when we got to the green we couldn’t find the ball.”  The search ended when the group found Matt’s ball nestled inside the cup.  Matt exclaimed, “I was really happy to make my first hole-in-one.”

With the honors, Matt then teed off on the 138-yard eighth hole when the unthinkable happened.  His nine iron shot was tracking toward the flagstick.  The ball hit near the flag, took one bounce and dropped into the cup.  “With the second one, it was just disbelief.”   

Playing partner, Payton Broach, felt lucky to be a witness to this unlikely occurrence.  “We were excited on seven, but when the second one went in on eight, we just went nuts.  We were running around the tee and yelling.”

In ten minutes time, Matt very well may have done something no one in American has ever accomplished.  He then went on to calmly birdie the next hole, playing the final three holes of the nine in five under par. 


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