Mobile web app is the latest way to stay current

A brand-new mobile web app makes it easier than ever to stay current with Chesterfield County Public Schools. Developed in-house by the school system’s graphic design/web specialist, this free app for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices provides news feed, calendar and phone numbers.

Information at tells users of iPhones, iPads, Droids and Blackberries how to add the app icon to their devices.

The mobile web app is another online innovation by Chesterfield County Public Schools, which during this school year has changed its website address, redesigned its online presence and launched an e-newsletter for the community. The new address for the school system’s website is, which replaced the previous URL of

“Our new web address more accurately expresses how our community feels about its public schools,” Superintendent Marcus J. Newsome said. “This community loves its schools and takes pride in our schools and students.”

In addition to featuring feeds from the school system’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, the redesigned website lets visitors subscribe to an RSS feed so they are notified of updates. The website works in all browsers but works best in Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.

School Notes, the community e-newsletter, is published once or twice a month. Community members who are not already receiving School Notes can sign up by going to and clicking “Join our mailing list” in the top right corner of the screen.

“Our goal is to effectively deliver accurate and timely messages to parents, students, employees and the community,” Dr. Newsome said. “We use a variety of methods because people get their information from a variety of sources.”

Here are some of the additional ways the school system communicates: Information is available at and School Board meetings are shown live on Comcast Channel 17 and Verizon Channel 27, and the school system has an educational TV channel on Comcast Channel 96 and Verizon Channel 26. Chesterfield County Public Schools provides information to local TV, print and radio media outlets.


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