SOLs and history

It was Historical Figure Day for the kindergarten students at Enon Elementary and for the second year, they completed their studies on interesting Americans in history with a parade through the halls of their school building.  Classes one through five took a seat outside of their classrooms and view costumed kindergarteners carrying signage of the interesting Americans they had been reading and writing about.  The parade was held the last Tuesday in March.

The standards of learning for kindergarten students includes an introduction to interesting Americans in history whose lives demonstrated the virtues of patriotism, courage, and kindness. The students learned basic concepts related to history, patriotism, national symbols, good citizenship, geographic location, economics, and the importance of following rules and respecting the rights and property of other people.  The characters in the parade reflected many of the Americans they studied. “This is our culminating event,” said Jenifer Williamson.  “The students read and wrote about many interesting Americans in history throughout the year.”

To prepare for the parade, the kindergarteners were able to choose their favorite American who made history and create a poster and costume for the parade.  Williamson said, “Pocahontas and Betsy Ross are favorites for the girls and Abraham Lincoln is a favorite for the boys, as well as Johnny Appleseed.”

The three kindergarten classes included students from Jenifer Williamson’s class, Patsy Chamberlain’s class and full-time substitute teacher, Cheryl Faison’s class.


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