Max never loses anything

Hello and welcome to the “lost” world of the Dogpound.  I always thought that with the advent of email, the age-old problem of lost or late mail would have become just a memory to pass along to our grandkids.  But evidently my master wants to cling to the old ways as long as he can and his death grip on “I did not get your email” will never slacken.  For those of you who have not figured it out yet, I have been hit with another request for a “rush” article that I know I sent …on time… but the Master claims he never received it.  I wonder sometimes if they have an electronic dog that tears up my emails like someone else we know.  Yes, Max…your gnawing and love of tearing up things has not gone unnoticed.  You need to remember you are no longer a little pup where it was viewed as a cute thing to wreck havoc on my stuff.  So in the immortal words of parents, “Grow up! For goodness sakes!”  While I try to reconstruct my lost literacy that smacked of shear genius, the pack will just have to do with more smiles and snickers.


“Things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end, if not always in the way we expect.”  J. K Rowling, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix [Except in my case I will never expect to see my lost article again.  Bad Master.]

Here is a simple thought; one way to help the post office...require all political advertising to be sent on a postage stamp. Most messages are sound bites these days anyway...should be able to fit them on that small square without any problem. And yes...they must pay for the space. Then for you stamp collectors..make one special stamp a month...just one...and put it up for bid.  Each stamp should go for $1000’s of dollars and raise big bucks fast.

*President Obama visited a factory in Wisconsin that brought back 100 jobs from China. It’s got to be tough on the workers in China who lost those jobs....but kids always bounce back.

*Today’s take-home paycheck can barely survive the trip home.

*You grow up the day you learn to laugh at yourself.

And that is a record breaking article.  Nap time!  As always be good, play safe, and remember to remember when you get an email.  Sigh.  

JR and Max


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