The boy turned six

I really can’t believe how time flies. I know we all say it, maybe we say it so much because it’s true. It sure does seem to go much faster once the children begin to grow up, that’s for sure. I know some of you remember when I was extremely anxious about the boy moving upstairs to his own room, away from the adoring and oppressing midnight glances showered upon him while he was just feet away in our bedroom.  While his crib was tucked safely in the corner, mere feet away from me for the first two years of his life, the stairs truly seemed like a treacherous and tortuous climb away from me. Lord, how neurotic of a new mother was I?  After the move up the stairs during the summer when he was two, we all can account for his peculiarities when it came to trying on new shoes and his fear of dragonflies. And we absolutely cannot forget the tantrums he used to throw in the Chester Library.  

All that seems like it was yesterday, but in reality yesterday (April 1st) was his sixth birthday.  How did we get here so fast?  He is now a very happy and confident kindergartner. He wears his shoes just fine all day at school, something I was very concerned about!  He loves his teacher, as do Daddy and I; after all I do believe we did get one of the best kindergarten teachers in Chesterfield County and can only hope that our precious flower might have the chance to grace Mrs. Laliberte’s classroom as well, when it’s her turn.  He loves to play soccer at the Chester YMCA and sing in the children’s choir with the wonderful Mr. Mac at Chester Baptist Church. He is growing up. The boy has turned into a big boy.

Oh, he still loves to play with all of his Transformers and now, Bionicles have taken up a large part of his heart. He loves to build, build and build.  When he is not playing outside, pretending to be a soldier of some sort, he is playing with his little sister on the see-saw or launching things off of it – preferably not her.  He is the most gentle and kind big brother, even though he does refer to his sister as the “mass destroyer,” which is quite accurate.  He can be a pill sometimes too; don’t get me wrong he isn’t perfect but I tell you what, he is pretty close.

My boy is growing up and I can’t believe that he is six-years-old.  His feet are getting big, he is losing his baby teeth and he is almost as tall as I am already, but he is still my little boy.  As I told him last night, I am so glad that God decided to make me his mommy.  I sure do love my boy and wish him the happiest of birthdays. On to seven!


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