Colonial Heights Senior Golf Association news briefing

The Colonial Heights Senior Golf Association is set to begin play for the 2012 season on Tuesday, April 3 at the Prince George Golf Club. Under the leadership of newly elected President Dwight Reagan, the league conducted the spring all-members meeting on March 22 at the Colonial Heights Senior Center on Roanoke Ave. New members were introduced and any proposed changes to the by-laws were discussed and voted on.

This year, play will begin for the first time in many years without the smiling faces and friendly personalities of Bill Meese, Vince DiMarco, Ray Carpenter and Buddy Wood. Bill died in late fall, 2011; Buddy passed away in Nov, 2011; Vince left us in Jan, 2012; and Ray died in Feb, 2012. Bill came into the league in 2001; Buddy was the newest member of the four, having joined the league for the 2010 season; Ray and his ever-present cigar were regulars since 2002. Vince, a member since 1991, was the “old timer” of the four and a mainstay in the league, having held several positions over the years. All of them contributed in some way to the continued success of the league and they all will be missed. While no longer with us in person, they will no doubt be with us in spirit, and when friends and fellow members “tee it up” on April 3, Bill, Buddy, Vince and Ray will be remembered in the conversations and stories about their individual exploits and achievements on the course over the years. And like their predecessors, they will live on in memory in the “Hall of Fame” gazebo located adjacent to the #4 green at Prince George GC.


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