Local riders place in state competition

The Chesterfield Classic Equestrians Club competed on Saturday, March 10, S.E. District Dressage State Qualifying Horse Show at Campbell Springs Horse Farm in Chesterfield. Ten riders from the club competed in four events each. This show qualifies them for the Virginia State 4-H show in Sept. 2012.

The following is a list of the top finishers from the area:

  1. Caitlin Schoemmell - 1st and 1st place in dressage tests, 4th in showmanship, 2nd in equitation, overall high point, senior champion.
  2. Jenna Sherwin -  2nd and 2nd place in dressage test, 3rd in showmanship, 4th in equitation, senior reserve champion.
  3. Mackenzie Jones -  3rd and 3rd  place in dressage test, 6th place in equitation.
  4. Lauren Gaines - 3rd and 4th in dressage tests
  5. Christy lemay - 4th and 5th in dressage tests, 5th in showmanship
  6. Alia Fagerburg - 2 - 3rd place in dressage tests, 1st in equitation
  7. Sophie Mower - 2nd and 4th in dressage tests
  8. Carys Fowler - 1st and 2nd in dressage tests, 1st in equitation
  9. Delaney Robinson - 2nd and 3rd in dressage tests, 6th in showmanship
  10. Elizabeth Robinson - 5th and 6th in dressage tests.


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