The fire was there, you were not

I have no clue what the percentage is of fires that occur when no one is home, but the number is substantial. Can you imagine coming home to find your house in flames, or the aftermath of an earlier fire? The home with no alarm system will burn until smoke or fire begins to show from the outside, and neighbors or people passing by in a vehicle spot the fire. The house that sits back a distance from the main road will burn longer before anyone will notice it. The bottom line is that you can expect more damage from the fire that occurs in your home when you are not home.

There are many different causes for these fires:

  • The large majority of these fires usually start in the kitchen from food left on the stove
  • Candles left burning in the home
  • Hot items left plugged in like a curling iron
  • Ceiling fans or bathroom fans that are left on and seize up or malfunction
  • An HVAC system that malfunctions
  • Any weak point in the electrical system
  • Fires left burning in a fireplace or woodstove
  • Washers or dryers left running
  • Supplemental heaters left burning
  • Arson fires

These are only a few of the many causes to homes catching fire when no one is home.

The only way to prevent these fires is to leave your home in as close to a zero state as possible. The fewer things that are left on in your home, the less chance there is for something to malfunction. There is no guarantee that your home will not catch fire if you do these things, but the probability decreases.

Your best protection when you are not home is two-fold. A fire alarm system that is monitored by a central station is necessary. The second component is a residential sprinkler system. Damage will occur, but the quicker the fire is detected, the quicker the fire department can be summoned. The point of this article is that I do not want anyone to come home and find their home in ashes.   


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