Max wants equal insurance

Hello and welcome back to the “we want some too” world of the Dogpound.  Of late, the news has been all about contraception; some want to get it free and some do not want to pay for their neighbors requirements for a variety of reasons.  The issue has moved from being a political issue, to a woman’s rights issue, to a culture gap.  Even though I do not understand how all of this transpired, it did get me thinking.  I know…grab on to something…but it has become apparent to us in the Dogpound that we are being discriminated against.  When I mean “we”…I am referring to the Dogpound male gender.  Now think about it; when was the last time any male medical issues made major head-lines?  Can’t, can you??  Well, enough is enough.  Even though we are not pleased that our President with a stroke of his pen can mandate what insurance companies must do, we have decided that if he is going to do that for women then we men demand equal consideration.  We vote too!  I know you are sitting there and asking …like what?  Excellent question!  Let me give some examples.  The first thing that comes to mind is “beer bellies.”  We all know this fat, especially around the middle, is the worst kind of fat, plus this only effects men.  You have never heard someone say that a woman has a “beer belly,” and what is even more insidious is that you don’t even have to drink beer.  I seldom drink beer, I prefer wine with my dinner, and no one has told me I have a “Wine Belly”.  What was that Max?  “They should call it a Pork Belly?”    “I don’t think so…go to your room and be quiet.” Now as I was saying, “beer” bellies are hard on the heart so we want the President to make the insurance companies supply all blood pressure and cholesterol lowering medications free of charge.  Let’s not stop there…liposuction and stress test should be included in wrap-around coverage.  While we have your attention Mr. President, hair loss needs serious attention.  It seems men are much more challenged in this area than women, which leads to manly depression and bad comb-over’s.  So we want you to make the insurance companies add hair-plugs and dye jobs to their list of required coverages.  I could go on but you get my drift; and Mr. President, please remember that November is not that far off [hint].

“In the future we’ll all have 15 minutes of fame and 15 minutes of healthcare.” Nicole Hollander


*We have a presidential election coming up...the big problem is that someone will be elected.
*If God had wanted us to vote he would have given us candidates.
*Democracy is being allowed to vote for the candidate you dislike the least.
*It’s not the voting that’s a democracy, it’s the counting.

I need to stop now; I am all tense from writing, so I need to call my insurance company to see if they will pay for a neck and back massage. They better or they are going to get a nasty phone call from “you know who!”As always be good, play safe, and remember you are the primary source for your good health.

JR and Max


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