The signs of spring are in full bloom

Oh, how I love this time of year, it makes me so joyful.  To get up every morning and throw my windows open, letting the warm spring sunshine in makes my heart sing with gladness. I am so happy that I get to enjoy the birdsong every morning while enjoying my coffee and I do love the morning sunshine. The days are longer and that means the children are delighted to stay outside well after their supper to run and play until they are beyond exhausted. It’s really the best of times.

Idyllic, I have to say that this time of year is my favorite. I love the assault on my senses. The smell of fresh cut grass and a whiff of the flowers in the tender stages of bloom, to hear the birds singing and the sound of children laughing and playing outside and the whirl of a ceiling fan lazily stirring the cool spring air is enough for me to drink in and keep me happy for all of my days. My children are enchanted by the dandelions and the wishes they can make or searching for that ever absent four leaf clover in the yard. The brilliant blue of the sky is enough to bring tears to my eyes sometimes. The precious flower and I have taken to sitting in the yard, very still, and waiting to see if “Mr. Robin” will talk with us. “Mr. Robin” is what I have always called the Robin (bird).  He is a sure sign that spring is here and that Easter is on its way.  The little guy is always aware that once spring arrives his birthday is right around the corner, so the countdown to the sixth (gasp) birthday has begun.

Another sign of spring is my wedding anniversary. I love spring so much that I got married on the first day. The most wonderful man on Earth and I were married eight years ago on the 20th and I have to say they have been the happiest eight years of my life. I do love waking up every day with my best friend right beside me and our two darling little ones.  

Spring is about renewal, everything is coming back to life and that’s how I feel, like I always “come back to life” after the long winter months. we didn’t even have a winter this year. I just really delight in the joyful bursts of nature’s color, the warmer temperatures and being able to enjoy the simple things in life. I love turning the garden in the spring and planting for the summer, playing outside all day with the children and watching them just collapse from exhaustion at night. But mostly, I just love spring and the joy it seems to bring to everyone. Happy Spring everybody.


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