Chesterfield passed over for power station, troubles continue for SportQuest

Brunswick County was chosen over Chesterfield for a new power plant to be built by Virginia Electric and Power Company (VEPCO).

VEPCO was approved on Nov. 30 last year for rezoning on about 233 acres located on the corner of Coach Road and Battery Brooke Parkway. VEPCO representatives indicated that Chesterfield was in the running for a gas-fired power plant adjacent to the Dutch Gap plant.

Chesterfield was in the running with Brunswick County for the $1.1 billion power station.

Although the 1,300-megawatt plant will not be built immediately in Chesterfield, VEPCO representatives said a new plant here has not been entirely ruled out. VEPCO representatives said the Brunswick station could be up and running by 2016.

The power company on its Chesterfield rezoning application requested some amendments to the current zoning standard including three air emissions stacks with a proposed maximum height of 320 feet. In addition, an auxiliary boiler, three heat recovery steam generators and an air cooled condenser were proposed at a maximum height of 175 feet.

SportsQuest loses another tooth
After taking a pummeling with back-to-back-to-back wallops, SportsQuest seems to have been put on the ropes. With mighty ideas being knocked down more and more frequently, the latest report, from is that the SportQuest workout facility was evicted from its location in at 2240 Oak Lake Blvd. in Midlothian, not much more than a stone’s throw from the SportsQuest soccer complex.

The soccer fields are the only “built” facility that has been produced by the sports organization to date.

At this time it is unclear if and when Chesterfield County will act on its commitment to the SportQuest project. With an investment of over $4 million, with slightly more than $2 million dispersed, the County can take possession of the facility. Last weekend a girl’s soccer tournament was held at the facility. County officials remain committed to sports tourism.
Village News reported on Feb. 15, that SportsQuest had a lien filed at the end of January of almost $500,000 by a contractor who was owed for excavation at the site. Just a week earlier, Virginia Commonwealth’s Attorney Ken Cuccinelli, filed a civil suit against the facility for allegedly violating Virginia Code related to selling 700 memberships for a planned fitness center which has yet to be built.

On Feb. 10, Steve Burton, SportsQuest founder, wrote on the SportsQuest website that the facility would split, allowing “separate acquisitions of two of the businesses: the Academy and Membership.” Construction has stalled on the project.

A soccer tournament planned for fields across the county used the nine fields available at SportsQuest as part of the inaugural Ultimate Cup youth soccer tournament held in February and last weekend. The Ultimate Cup is a joint venture between the Richmond Kickers and Chesterfield United.


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