New Senior Reader’s Theatre at the Shepherd’s Center

So...what is a Senior Reader’s Theatre anyway? Well, very simply, it is show business without the stress.

One of the hardest tasks, and possibly one of the scariest for seniors, is trying to memorize anything. So keeping that in mind, The Shepherd’s Center is forming a senior theatre group that will perform short and full-length plays with scripts in hand.

The group will read various types of plays, selecting the ones they like best, and working them toward performance. No costumes, no blocking, no memorizing—just interpreting the words and meaning of the writer and experiencing the thrill of creating something special for their audience. For 30 years Sheryle Sturdevant has worked in theater in New York, North Carolina, Florida and here in Richmond as a teacher, director, costume designer and writer. She will guide the group in making the writer’s words come alive.

Over the last 20+ years Seniors Theatre has blossomed all over the country. There are numerous groups in every state performing a wide range of high quality theatrical material written for senior theatre. Likewise, many senior groups are performing some of the great modern and classical theatre literature, as well.

Theatre is a source of energy and joy.  Watching, reading or talking about plays is a wonderful experience. The Senior Reader’s Theatre at the Shepherd’s Center is a way to fulfill that life-long yearning to be on stage, or just to socialize with some of the world’s great (and not so great) theatrical literature.

Classes will begin March 14 at 2 p.m. at the Chester Baptist Church. For more information please contact The Shepherd’s Center of Chesterfield at 804.706.6689.


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