The princess and the potty

I can’t believe that I am actually getting to put this on paper. It makes it truly official; we now are operating as a diaper-free household.  We may need a pull-up at night just as a precaution, but these last few nights, even those have remained as dry as the Sahara.  My little flower is growing up and while she tests me at times I praise her for how easy she has made potty training. I think she is giving me a break, or just knows that in the future (think adolescence) she is going to throw some pretty awful stuff my way, so this is her way of being kind to me now.

Potty training can be horrid, as was my first experience with the boy.  Coaxing, pleading and downright begging them to sit on the potty or worse, that little miniature potty that we all get suckered into purchasing with the first child; which is totally worthless and all it did to my little guy was make him extremely terrified of the GIANT potty that awaited him in the bathroom. You know, the one that had a huge gaping hole filled with turbulent waters that threatened to swallow his little hiney at any given moment if he didn’t hold on for dear life. Yes, first step with the princess, no little potty, we went right onto the regular toilet.

I also started earlier with her. I started sitting her on the potty at 15 months, just so she wouldn’t be scared. I didn’t expect her to do anything but once in awhile, especially before bath-time, we would have success. Praise, praise, praise and more praise would be given and she would grin from ear to ear.

She recently turned two and I decided we were going to do this and there was no time like the present. Two weeks folks: yes, two weeks of pull-ups and we are officially in perfect little panties. She is so proud of herself and of her big girl underwear.  I don’t know if it’s her personality, that she’s the second child, because she’s a girl, but whatever the reason, I will now only have to pay one therapist, when the children are older instead of two for traumatizing potty training experiences; because hers was a breeze.

My  boy took over a year to become completely potty trained so I did expect this to take a bit of time. I am delighted it only took two weeks, but I do have in the back of my mind that there will be some sort of pay back for this in her later years. For now I am okay with that, as I no longer have to buy diapers. I will continue to take pleasure in watching my little princess grow up and take each step from babyhood into being a little girl.


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