Max likes a hot breakfast

Hello and welcome to the routine world of the Dogpound.  I am basically a routine guy, especially in the morning because I value my week-day sleep time and I do not want to waste one minute from bed to getting to work on time.  I go through the same steps every morning and anything can throw me off. For example, if I do not put my cell phone or keys in their normal place I go crazy trying to figure out where I left them.  So when the company announced that on Tuesday they were going to bring in a catered breakfast for a job well done, I wanted to make sure my routine of eating instant oatmeal for breakfast did not ruin my opportunity to eat a hot breakfast of eggs, hash browns and bacon/sausage.  Knowing that my normal routine would take over like a pre-programmed robot, I made up several 3 x 5 cards on which I wrote “do not eat breakfast”.  I put one on the master bathroom sink and for good measure I put the other one on the kitchen counter right where I store the oatmeal.    All went well, I left for work hungry but full of anticipation of enjoying a hot breakfast feast.  At the appointed time, I did not see the normal line of employees that should be snaking past my office door as they waited for their turn to be served, so I wandered over to the main conference room, which was dark and empty.  I asked out loud to no one in particular, “Its Tuesday…where is breakfast?”  A voice from across the hallway responded, “It is ‘next’ Tuesday.”  As you can guess that kind of ruined the rest of my day.

“Every moment and every event of every man’s life on earth plants something in his soul.”
Thomas Merton

Competitive-eating champ Takeru Kobayashi conquered Philadelphia’s annual gorge-fest by eating 337 chicken wings in a half-hour before a crowd of nearly 20,000 at Wing Bowl XX. The Japanese phenom demolished the record of 255 set last year by Jonathan “Super” Squibb. Kobayashi claimed a $20,000 cash prize for his victory. It was the six-time Nathan’s Hot Dog eating contest champ’s first time competing at Wing Bowl, and he far out distanced the runner-up Squibb, who put away 271 wings.


A jogger running down a country road is startled as a horse yells at him, “Hey! Come over here, buddy!”

The jogger is stunned but runs over to the fence where the horse is standing and asks, “Were you talking to me?” The horse replies, “Sure was. Man, I’ve got a problem. I won the Kentucky Derby a few years ago and this stupid farmer bought me. Now all I do is pull a plow and I’m sick of it. Why don’t you run up to the house and offer him $5,000 to buy me. I’ll make you some money ‘cause I can still run.” The jogger thinks to himself, “Boy, a talking horse!” Dollar signs start appearing in his head. So he runs to the house and finds the old farmer sitting on the porch. The jogger yells to the farmer, “Hey, old man, I’ll give you $5,000 for that broken-down old nag you’ve got in the field.” The farmer replies, “Son, this has happened before. You can’t believe anything that horse says. He’s never even been to Kentucky.”

I have run out of time and space.  As always be good, play safe, and remember every day is a new day.

JR and Max


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