Police blotter

OLD CENTRALIA RD 02/06 Suspect/s gained entry through a rear basement window and stole property from inside.

HEMLOCK RD 02/07 Suspect/s gained entry to the residence through the unlocked rear door and stole property.

COMMONS PZ 02/04 Property was reported stolen from victim’s unlocked vehicle.

THOMINGTON DR 02/06 Victim reported property was stolen from unlocked vehicle.

W HARBOUR DR 2/08 Victim’s scooter was reported stolen from the listed location.

DALEBROOK DR 02/07 Suspects gained entry to the listed location and stole property from inside.

WELLSPRING RD 02/08 Suspect/s gained entry through a rear laundry door, rummaged through the interior and stole property.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 02/07 Victim reported property was stolen from the listed location.

WILLIS RD 02/07 Complainant reported a manhole cover was stolen from the listed location.

RIVER RD 02/08 Known suspect stole the victim’s vehicle and later crashed it.

COGBILL RD 02/04 Victim stated he gave known suspect permission to use his vehicle, however suspect has not returned the vehicle.

MEADOWDALE BLVD 02/09 Victim stated he heard several bangs on his rear door and when he came downstairs, he saw his screen door closing. The rear door was splintered and at this time nothing has been reported stolen.

MEADOWDALE BLVD 02/09 Victim’s 1998 Gold Infiniti was stolen from the listed location.  Victim had been cleaning the vehicle and the keys were left inside.

ROCKFIELD RD 01/22 Suspect/s entered the crawl space and removed copper pipes from underneath the vacant residence.

ELOKOMIN DR 11/25/11 Cell phone taken from vehicle during listed time frame.

HAPPY HILL RD 02/11 Two unlocked vehicles entered with property removed from one.

MEADOWDALE BLVD 02/10 Tag stolen from vehicle.

MEADOWDALE BLVD 02/11 Tag stolen from vehicle.

EDENSHIRE RD 02/10 Known suspect grabbed the keys to a vehicle owned by the group home and drove away. The vehicle was later recovered in Norfolk.

COGBILL RD 02/12 Unknown suspect/s attempted to steal victim’s unlocked Dodge Ram extended cab pickup by tampering with the ignition.

MARIS RD 02/10 Suspects entered the victims’ residence to complete the sale of a Wii that began the day before.  Once inside, the suspects assaulted the victims as one of the suspects displayed a handgun and demanded their money.

FREDERICK FARMS CT 02/10 Victim was cutting through the woods when the described suspects approached him, asking for weed.  When the victim said he didn’t know what they were talking about, the suspects demanded his money.  At that time, an altercation broke out, resulting in the victim being stabbed in his arm.  Victim was then able to flee the area.


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