Police blotter

DUPUY RD  01/09  Washington Place.  Victim and a friend were walking near the listed location when the suspects called out to them, asking if they had dropped any money.  As the suspects got closer, one suspect struck the victim in the head with a bat.  Both suspects then ran off.

SILVER OAK CT  01/20  Meadow Oaks.  Responding to an alarm call, police discovered suspect/s forced entry via the locked rear door and stole the listed property.

GREAT BRANCH DR  01/18  Dense Wood Hill.  Victim stated suspects stole property from his unlocked shed and from the bed of his truck.

ELMWOOD LN  01/18  Fan Court.  Suspect/s forced entry through the locked front window and gained entry to the residence.  Property was reported stolen.

CHESTER GROVE DR  01/19  Chester Grove.  Suspects forced open the rear door at the listed residence and stole the listed property from inside.

WILLIS RD  01/19  V.I.P. Inn.  Listed items were stolen from the back of the victim’s pickup truck.

EXTER MILL RD  01/18  Unknown suspect/s used a pry tool to gain entry to the vehicle and items were stolen.

RICHMOND ST  01/18  Chesterfield Manor.  Both plates taken.

E HUNDRED RD  01/19  Brush fire discovered at the listed location.

CHINA CAT TR  01/18  Henricus Green.  Both victim’s had property stolen from their backyards.

NOTT LN  01/20  Courthouse Woods.  Suspect/s broke the front bedroom window and gained entry to the residence.  At this time nothing has been reported stolen.

PLANET RD  01/21  Regency Lake Apartments.  Victim stated suspect/s entered his locked shed and stole property.  No signs of forced entry were noted.  Suspect/s also opened the hood on the victim’s vehicle and cut the electrical lines connecting his battery.  Nothing has been reported stolen from the vehicle.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY  12/20  Elder’s Garage.  Complainant reported scrap metal was stolen from his property.

BEULAH RD  01/22  Oak Grove Baptist Church.  Unknown suspect/s shattered the back passenger window to gain entry and take items.

SWIFT BLUFF DR  01/19  Millside.  Mulitple vehicles were entered and items were taken.

VELDA RD  01/19  Central Park.  One rear license plate stolen.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY  11/01/2011  Acres and Griffith Heating and Air.  Both plates stolen.

IRONBRIDGE RD  01/22  Victims advised they had been asking customers in the parking lot for gas money when the suspects approached demanding their cash.  As the victims and suspects began to fight, the store clerk stepped outside which caused the suspects to walk off.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY  01/20  Stratford Motel.  Described suspect stood naked in the doorway of the room, exposing himself to the victim.

W DENNY CT  01/24  Fairpines.  Suspect/s gained entry to the residence by kicking in the side door and stealing property.

GRAYMOSS RD  01/24  Irongate.  Suspect/s gained entry by kicking in the rear door and stealing property from the victim’s residence.

GATELINE DR  01/24  Irongate.  Suspect/s gained entry to the residence by cutting the screen and forcing entry through the rear door.  Property was reported stolen.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY  11/24/2011  Worshams Trailer Park.  Victim stated known suspect entered the listed location and stole property from inside.

FOX KNOLL DR  01/24  Walthall Creek.  Detached and unlocked garage was entered and property stolen.

JULEP DR  01/24  Colonial Pine Estates.  Victim reported unknown suspect/s stole property from the location.

CHESTERTOWNE RD  01/25  Chester Townhouse Apts.  Unknown suspect/s entered two vehicles at the listed location and property was stolen.

HOPKINS RD  01/24  Both plates stolen.

SWIFTRUN RD  01/24  Victim had three catalytic converters taken from vehicles left at the listed location.

HILL ST  01/25  Milhorn Tract.  Vehicle was stolen from victim’s carport.


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