Police blotter

COLDSTREAM DR  1/13  Berwick Village Apts.  Unknown suspect/s gained entry to the victim’s unlocked residence and stole property.

STEVEN HILL CT  1/16  Savannah Trace.  Suspect/s entered via an unlocked rear door, rummaged through the home and stole the items.

GATEBRIDGE RD  1/16  Stonebridge.  Forced entry via the kitchen window.  Property removed.

BROOKSHIRE DR  1/12  Ravensdale.  Unknown suspect/s broke a window and gained entry to the victim’s shed.  Property was reported stolen.

CONIFER RD  1/12  Suspect/s gained entry to the detached shed through the open door, broke a lock on the side shed door and stole the listed property from inside.

RAMSEY DR  1/10/2011  Somersby.  Victim reported  property removed from his residence.  No signs of forced entry were noted.  Property was also reported stolen from his unlocked shed.

W CREEK  12/14/2011  Ashton Creek Apts.  Victim had been away from her apartment for an extended period of time.  Upon her return, she discovered the items missing.  No signs of forced entry were noted.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY  1/12  Design Air LLC.  Unknown suspect/s pried open a door at the listed location and stole the property from inside.

MEADOWDALE BLVD  1/13  Regency Lake apartments.  Unknown suspect/s broke the rear window in an attempt to gain entry to the victim’s apartment.  Entry was not gained and at this time nothing has been reported stolen.

GALENA AVE  1/01  Quail Oaks.  Suspect/s cut the screen on the sliding glass door and attempted to pry open a rear window to gain entry to the victim’s residence.  Entry was not gained and at this time, nothing has been reported stolen.

CARROLL LN  1/12  Bellwood Manor.  Unknown suspect/s attempted to gain entry by prying open the locked rear door.  Entry was not gained and at this time nothing has been reported stolen.

W HUNDRED RD  1/12  Suspects stole scrap metal from the listed location.

SWINEFORD RD  1/13  Korean Central Presbyterian Church.  Unknown suspect/s broke out the back window of victim’s vehicle and took the  items.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY  1/14  Franco Auto Sales.  Victim had two vehicles that were entered, one vehicle the doors were left unlocked, the other unknown suspect/s broke the window out.  Unknown if anything taken at this time.

SAND HILLS DR  1/12  Craddock Point.  Items taken from unlocked victim’s vehicle.

OLD STAGE RD  8/1/2011  Ruan Transportation.  Victim reports that the vehicle had been left at the listed location since August.

BRYANWOOD RD  1/5  Meadowdale.  Victim’s 1997 Toyota Camry was reported stolen from the listed location.  No suspects at this time.

MEADWOOD CR  1/14  Meadwood.  Victims were sitting inside their vehicle across from the listed address when the suspects approached.  As one victim began to exit, he was pushed back inside the car by the armed suspect who demanded their property as the other suspect stood by.  Upon taking the items, the suspects left in the described vehicle.

VERDICT CT  1/16  Courthouse Green Apts.  Victim was walking home when the described suspects approached.  The armed suspect ordered the victim to the ground while the unarmed one searched the victim’s pockets, taking items.  Suspects then ran off.

LYNBROOK LN  1/17  Brittonwood.  Unknown suspect/s used a hammer to break the window pane on the rear kitchen door and gain entry to the residence.  Once inside, several rooms were rummaged through and property was reported stolen.

DEERWATER CT  1/17  Huntingcreek Hills.  Suspect/s gained entry through an unlocked door and stole property from inside.

WEIR PL  1/16  Dominics of New York.  Unknown suspect/s broke a locking hasp on the rear door and gained entry to the trailer.  Once inside the interior was rummaged through and property stolen.

WOODPECKER RD  1/16  Complainant reported property was stolen from the listed location.

COMMONS PLAZA  1/17  Courthouse Commons Shopping Center.  Listed item was taken from the victim’s unlocked vehicle.

COURTHOUSE RD  1/02  Lloyd C. Bird High School.  Suspects approached the victims at the rear of the school and ordered them to follow the suspects and “they would not get hurt.”  Once they were on the trail, the taller suspect pulled out a handgun and told one of the victims to hand over his money.  Upon taking the cash, the suspect told both the victims to continue down the trail, threatening to harm them if they told anyone.

WOODPECKER RD  1/11  Fannie Mae Mortgage.  Entry to the residence may have been gained from an unlocked window.  Items  taken.

S BEULAH RD  11/15/2011  Regency Lake Apartments.  Victim’s 1998 Chevrolet Malibu was taken from the listed location.

QUINNFORD BLVD  1/12  Bellwood Heights.  Listed item was taken from the victim’s backyard.

HARROW DR  12/18/2011  Windsor Hills.  Unknown suspect/s stole the listed item from under the victim’s backporch.


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