Va. Air Mechanical generator installations may pose risk

The Chesterfield County Department of Building Inspection has become aware of several instances in which local contractor Virginia Air Mechanical has installed gas-fired whole-house generators at residences in the county in a dangerous manner such that they present a hazard and substantial risk of property damage or serious personal injury to homeowners.

Inspectors have discovered electrical work that poses significant risk of electrocution, and propane gas installation defects that create a threat of fire and/or explosion. Building Inspection officials warn homeowners who have had work performed by the company not to use their generators until they are inspected for safety.

The county has requested records or information from Virginia Air Mechanical to identify all the locations where such work was performed so that the installations can be reviewed and inspected to determine if they are safe, but Virginia Air Mechanical has failed to provide that information despite several requests over the past two months.

Because permits were not obtained, the Building Inspection Department has no records through which it can contact these homeowners directly.

Chesterfield County is seeking a court-ordered injunction against Virginia Air Mechanical in an effort to obtain information about the location of gas-fired whole-house generators installed by the company. The injunction also would prevent the company from doing any work in the county pending further investigation of the company’s practices.

Virginia Air Mechanical was a trading name for Virginia Air Ducts, LLC. The owner of the company has advised that Virginia Air Mechanical has gone out of business and Building Inspection personnel have confirmed that Virginia Air Mechanical no longer has a state contractor’s license. The owner has provided the Building Inspection Department with a letter transferring all of Virginia Air Mechanical’s outstanding building permits to a new company, Superior Mechanical Services, LLC.

Anyone who has had work performed by Virginia Air Mechanical is urged to contact the Department of Building Inspection’s Citizens Assistance line at 748-1779 immediately.


Virginia Air Mechanical's fault

Since they're the contractors, they will shoulder all the responsibilities about the improperly installed generators.

Virginia Air Mechanical

We had a heat pump installed by this company a few years ago and Steve wouldn't stand behind the contract he had with us. We paid for an extended warranty for the Trane system that his guys installed. He didn't want to give us that warranty (parts and labor), he wanted to give us his warranty. Which we knew then the was a joke. So we contacted Trane and they gave us in writing the extended warranty that we paid for. We have told people over the years not to use him, that he was a cheat. Well now everyone knows it. So sad so many are now with issues because of him.

Virginia Air Mech / Steve Mills, Marilyn Grahm, etc

This is not just about the persons that have had a generator installed. I suggest their are persons with contracts who have given these companies deposits of $4000.00 or more as down payments to have them install a generator, and are holding the bag with nothing to show for it. I for one who put down a $4000.00 deposit to have one installed by Virginia Air Mechanical. Subsequently, I cancelled the contract because they couldn't furnish what they promised. Oh yes, I got my deposit back in the form of a bad check for "non sufficient funds" in their account. These people, Steve Mills, wife Angela, Marilyn Graham and John Holder are all criminals. They need to be put under the jail instead in the jail. they are so evil taking advantage of senior citizens that no place in hell would be good enough for them.

Faulty generatores

"LIKE" I know Steve personaly and he's a real wise guy, or so he "thinks" :)

Re: Faulty generators comment

You are so correct, things and people are falling from the sky, although in the right hands. Thanks for sharing your opinion.

faulty generators & jack leg company

Things are unrevealing themselves nicely. After speaking with authorities I believe records can indeed be located. Stay tuned.

Virginia Air Mechanical Scandal

I just like to say maybe someone did come forward, In the newspaper someone provided some information to inspectors, I saw on the news this poor man who had purchased an expensive generator and it just is sitting there doesnt work this is a shame! i sure hope that they cant operate under any company name anywhere, I got my doubts this will happen, but then again who knows sometimes the courts, or some jusdges will do the correct thing.

va mech-steve mills

my parents have put in a generater and i truely hope that it wasnt yall that put it in i feel as if you going after the elderly what if it was your family

Virginia Air Mech / Steve Mills

I say prosecute Steve and Angela Mills and other HVAC workers to the fullest extent of the law.

Virginia Air Mechanical Scandal

Id like to see the actual ex employees come forward.........just saying

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