Police blotter

TROYCOTT PL  1/02  Patterson Park.  Victim was stabbed after attempting to stop an argument between his girlfriend and her other boyfriend.

PARADISE COVE RD  12/21/2011  Kingsland Heights.  Suspect struck the victim in her eye, causing severe injury.

MEADOWDALE BLVD  12/30/2011  Meadowdale Townhouses.  Suspect/s broke the kitchen window and gained entry to the victim’s residence.  Once inside, property was stolen.  Keys to the victim’s vehicle were taken and the victim’s vehicle was stolen and later recovered.

MEADWOOD CR  12/30/2011  Meadwood.  Suspect/s gained entry through an unlocked front window and stole the listed property from the victim’s residence.

HARROWGATE RD   12/31/2011  Carver Middle School/MarketPlace/Chesterfield County.  Suspects broke the front glass window and entered the listed locations.  Property was stolen.

MISTY HILL RD  12/20/2011  Irongate.  Victim stated she heard a door slam and came downstairs, observing two unknown suspects attempting to kick in her locked rear door.  Suspects then ran from the area.  Entry was not gained and at this time noting has been reported stolen.

DALESHIRE DR  12/27/2011  Meadowdale.  Victim stated unknown suspect/s attempted to gain entry through her locked basement door.  Entry was not gained and at this time nothing has been reported stolen.

COACH RD  12/23/2011  Castlebury Construction.  Victim reported property stolen from his construction lot.

HARROWGATE RD  12/25/2011  Chester Colonial Heights Kingdom Hall.  Complainant reported an HVAC unit was stolen from the rear of the listed location.

COGBILL RD  12/31/2011  Norton Concrete Company.  Masterlocks cut on work trucks.  A pump had been removed from one of the trucks, but was located nearby.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY  12/31/2011  Bermuda Estates Trailer Park.  Property removed from unlocked vehicle.

NILES RD  01/02  Jessup Farms.  Front passenger door pried open on victim’s Honda Civic.  Property removed.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY  12/20/2011  Food Lion.  Catalytic converter cut from victim’s 1994 Nissan pickup while parked at the listed location.

MARIS RD  12/21/2011  Bellwood Terrace Apts.  Suspect and victim met in order for the suspect to purchase the scooter from the victim.  The suspect ran off with the scooter without paying.  Once the suspect learned the police had been notified, the suspect paid the victim for his scooter.

HYDE PARK DR  12/18/2011  Hyde Park Apartments.  Unknown suspect/s removed the drywall/firewall from the adjacent attic wall in an attempt to gain entry to the victim’s apartment.  Entry was not gained and at this time nothing has been reported stolen.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY    01/01  Elders Garage.  Suspect/s forced entry to the business through the rear door.  Several areas inside were rummaged through.  Property was reported stolen.

CASTLEWOOD RD  12/31/2011  Grindall Creek Park.  Unknown suspects entered two vehicles in the rear of the lot.  One vehicle had been left unlocked the other vehicle had the passenger window broken out and items were taken.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY  12/24/2011 Crown Auto.  Multiple items stolen from unlocked vehicles on the lot.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY    01/03  WAWA.  Victim advised she had exited her vehicle, which was parked on the side of the building and was approached by the suspect who had been standing against the back corner.  As the suspect grabbed at the victim’s purse, a struggle ensued which led to the suspect striking the victim.  Unable to take the purse, the suspect walked off, heading northbound on Jefferson Davis Highway.

COURTHOUSE  RD  01/04  Victim stated known suspect entered his residence and stole property.

TUSKWILLOW DR  01/04  Land O Pines.  Suspect/s broke open the rear door and gained entry to the victim’s residence.  Property was reported stolen.

DALEBROOK DR  12/20/2011  Meadowbrook Manor.  Unknown suspect/s attempted to pry open the rear door to the victim’s residence.  Entry was not gained and at this time nothing has been reported stolen.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY  12/29/2011  WAWA.  Unknown suspect/s took item from underneath the seat of victim’s boat.


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