It looks to be a promising new year

I shaved my legs yesterday. I know that might seem like a little too much information but you see, I figured if I started the New Year off with shaved legs I would be more likely to have nice smooth legs in 2012 than not.  I barely have time to get in the shower before I have an audience of two demanding my attention so the whole shaving thing gets pushed aside. So off I went to a New Year’s Eve party with the most wonderful man on Earth with nice smooth legs to kick off 2012 and my only resolution so far was to try and shave my legs more often.

The husband and I had not been out on New Year’s Eve in 9 years, that’s right people, a long time. Usually I am comfortably curled up in front of my fireplace with my jammies on and Dick Clark on the television.  This year we had a babysitter and we rang in 2012 dressed up and with shaved legs.

New Year’s Day usually consists of football and black-eyed peas.  This year was no different however, we did enjoy one of our last days of gorgeous weather before the deep freeze settled in.  We met one of my dearest friends at Maymont Park for the morning to watch our children frolic and play while we caught up and just enjoyed being together. This is one of our favorite families and unfortunately they live on the West Coast and we don’t see them very often.  

As soon as we arrived we realized that the animals at the Children’s Farm were not out.  Oh no, as the children tried to jam their heads into the impossibly small yet large enough to get their heads stuck spaces that are in the split rail fences, I thought to myself, this is surely going to cause the boy to whine about not seeing any goats or the two little ones (mine and theirs) to get cranky.  But alas, it was a New Year’s miracle.  The children happily skipped along (well not our precious flower, she stomped along with her hands shoved in her pockets because she was not getting ALL of the attention from her big brother) crossing beautiful stone bridges over babbling brooks under skies of robin’s egg blue.  It was perfection.  

As the boy and I finished up a photo shoot in some giant rocks on a hillside (he does love to strike a pose) and we concluded that the bears were indeed hibernating, we made our way up a sweat inducing hill so that we could have a picnic lunch.  May I say that the hill was absolutely covered, as in almost every inch, with duck feces.  And may I also say that as soon as my child reached the top of the hill he turned and announced to everyone within ear-shot (and there were plenty on this beautiful day) that the hillside was “covered in duck poop”.  Thanks son, we gathered that.

As we all strolled along to our preferred picnic destination down a path lined with bare elms, I just thought to myself, “What a perfect way to begin a new year.”  The children were outside enjoying this glorious day (duck poop included) we were with our old friends and we were unplugged from all the other duck poop of the world.  We were enjoying what really matters in life, our loved ones and the planet around us.

As we finished up the day, after my little flower had coughed so hard she vomited up blueberries all over the bathroom floor and I was bathing my darlings, I was so caught up in how truly thankful I am and how promising 2012 is looking for our family.  Even more so, when my sweet little one turned to me and said “Mommy, wash barf, snot off of me.” In her tiny, croaky little voice.  How could I not look forward to more of that?  And as I washed the barf/snot off of her I suddenly realized, I forgot to shave my legs today.


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