Refreshment and speculation

As Linda and I were driving out of the Southern Area Transfer Station, otherwise known as the dump, there was quite a line of vehicles on their way in. Pickups, pickups with trailers long and short and a SUV stuffed full were in the queue waiting to pay and unload those things that definitely wouldn’t work for them in 2012.

Why is it that we want to start anew every year on January one? What’s wrong with February ten or April fifteen? Now April 15, that’s a good time to get a fresh start, reduce those dependents you’ve been exaggerating to put more in your pocket instead of escrowing for the taxman.

How about June one, the unofficial first day of summer when we make the same resolution we made in January, only this time it’s to lose weight for the annual trip to Nags Head.

Over the Christmas holiday Linda and I painted our offices, which haven’t been painted since before we moved in over eight years ago. We attacked Linda’s daytime home first and I wasn’t sure I cared to paint mine, but the appearance and surroundings created by a new coat of paint changed my mind. And then I had to choose a color. I was both apprehensive and anxious for a change. With Linda’s coaching and sense of color leading the way, I have a new look in my Village News man cave. It’s amazing what a new coat of paint can do for the spirit.

The new paint is not the only thing we hope to do at the Village News in the coming year. Our news department will be pumped up, but not necessarily county meeting pumped up. We will pump you up about the people that the Board actions affect rather than quotes from the pontifications of the board of supervisors. This is something I have wanted to do for years but have not been able to accomplish. I will try a different angle this year.

Spruce up, pump up, and turn up; a good place to start, we’re not going anywhere, so why not freshen up the paper a little.

There will be a change up in the planning commission and the board of supervisors come Jan. 11. With the election results in the Matoaca District and the typical change of the guard relating to appointments to commissions and committees, you should expect a lot of uncontested votes in both the commission and board.

Steve Elswick, newly elected Matoaca district supervisor, is expected to nominate Edgar Wallin to serve as planning commissioner for his district and the Bermuda district will see a change in commissioners from Sam Hassen to Chester resident and owner of Old Mansion Coffee in Petersburg, Dale Patton. Elswick is the only new member of the board and will create a hard majority of three Republicans, one almost Republican who will lead votes for the four and one lone Democrat who will have a difficult time negotiating initiatives for the Dale district. Fiscal conservatism, whether you like it or not will be the order of the day, along with a dash of business-friendly votes on development and the relaxing of some ordinances.

On Jan. 11 the new board will elect a new chairman. At least I think it will be a new chairman since Art Warren has chaired the board for three out of the last four years. But who will that new chairman be?

You remember the kafuffle last year’s nomination and election made. Two nominations made after Jim Holland had taken center chair placed him back in his old seat. A bit of embarrassment on his part and on the part of the county after the vote favored 3-2 bringing the Old Man and the Sea (Warren) back as chairman. We could have made history in Chesterfield by electing Jim Holland, who would have been the first black man to hold that esteemed position. But our board elected to remain steadfastly in the back woods of local politics.

So who will the board elect as chairman? It has been a tradition for longer than I can remember that the vice chair would move up to chairman. That tradition has been broken more than once over the last four years. Will the board of supervisors go back to tradition this year and nominate the vice chair who hails from the Bermuda district to the post or will the board break with tradition again and put Dan Gecker of the Midlothian district in the center seat?

Looking in my crystal ball I see the latter scenario. The Bermuda supervisor will nominate Mr. Gecker, and he will do a great job of keeping Roberts Rules of Order intact. Last time he chaired the board he ran a tight ship.

But you know the board could be magnanimous and elect Jim Holland as chairman. What does your crystal ball predict?


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