Scott students meet Million Minute Reading Challenge

In response to the large amount of research supporting the importance of reading at home, Elizabeth Scott Elementary School launched the Million Minute Reading Challenge, an at-home reading incentive program this year.  The school’s goal is to read one million minutes at home each semester.

Each student records the number of minutes they read at home on a weekly reading log that is signed by their parents and the students return the log to school where they graph their weekly progress.  At the end of each month, minutes are totaled and bracelets are given to those who have reached 500 minutes, 1000 minutes, 1500 minutes and 2000 minutes.  Students who reach 3000, 4000, or 5000 minutes are given a special book plate to place in their favorite library book. In addition to these prizes the students are able to autograph the Million Minute bulletin board to show off their accomplishments.

This fall the students at Elizabeth Scott reached their goal of one million minutes!  With dedication and hard work the students at Elizabeth Scott Elementary went above and beyond and were able to reach the one million minute reading mark before the end of the semester.  The students celebrated on December 14 by wearing their pajamas to school and having a school-wide picture made while holding their favorite books and wearing their bracelets that they have earned.  The students at Elizabeth Scott will begin the challenge again in January.

Parents: Photo will be available for purchase in 2012, see school for details.


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