Police Blotter: March 24, 2010

MEADOW GLEN LN 3/11 Unknown suspect/s kicked in the locked door to the garage and the locked door to the kitchen of a residence. Nothing appeared to be missing or disturbed inside the residence.

DEANWOOD DR 3/11 Suspect/s broke out one of the windows in the man-door to enter into the residential garage. The suspect/s vandalized the interior and stole property from inside.

WINNIE DR 3/11 Price Design. Unknown suspect/s entered the house under construction and removed miscellaneous property from the crawlspace.

CALDWELL AVE 3/11 Grindall Creek Park. The victim reported that two unlocked vehicles were entered and property was reported stolen.

CHESSWOOD DR 3/11 Property was reported stolen from complainant’s unlocked silver 2000 Dodge Caravan.

TIMBERLINE DR 3/11 Tinsberry Trace. The victim reported property stolen from her unlocked 2008 Chevrolet Impala, which was parked in her driveway.

BRAEBROOK DR 3/11 Braebrook Village. The suspect admitted to entering the victim’s unlocked yellow 2002 Mitsubishi Lancer and taking miscellaneous property.

TRANOR AVE 3/11 Forest Glenn. Miscellaneous property was reported stolen from an unlocked maroon 1994 Ford Ranger, which was parked in the victim’s driveway.

SUMMERLEAF CT 3/12 Orchard Hill. A shed door was pried open, but no items were removed.

WATCHRUN DR 3/13 The rear door of the victim’s detached garage was kicked in, allowing access to an in-law suite above the garage. No items were found to be missing.

SHIRE OAK DR 3/14 Oak Forest Estates. The complainant heard a noise and ran out of the house. A rear kitchen window was found broken, but entry to the house was not gained.

TRAYWICK DR 3/12 Point of Rocks Estates. The front window to the residence was found open. Entry was not gained.

MISTWOOD FOREST 3/12 The victims discovered the front door frame split and the lock plate on the front porch. Entry was not gained.

PORT WALTHALL CT 3/15 Cleveland Cement Contractors Inc. Miscellaneous items were removed from a locked, fenced storage area.

N ENON CHURCH RD 3/15 ITAC-Industrial Turnaround Group. Unknown suspect/s entered two locked pull-behind trailers, located in the fence/barbed wire area of the business, and removed miscellaneous items from one.

DRAYTON RD 3/13 Two unlocked vehicles were entered and property was reported stolen.

CHESTERFIELD AVE 3/12 The license plates were reported stolen from the victim’s white 1995 Pontiac Bonneville.

EXTON LN 3/14 Greenbriar. License plates were reported stolen from the victim’s black 1992 Subaru.

W HUNDRED RD 3/12 Air Serve Corp. An air machine was pried open and coins taken.

WILLIS RD 3/12 Bellwood Manor. A white 1991 GMC Sierra was reported stolen.

CENTRAL AVE 3/14 The victim saw the suspect with what he thought was a handgun near the corner of his home.

MARTINGALE RD 3/15 Colonial Ridge Apartments. A known suspect entered the victim’s apartment through an unlocked door and physically assaulted her.

OLD STAGE RD 3/13 Utilipath. Unknown suspect/s gained entry to the building during the overnight hours and removed property from the business. A key was possibly used to enter the building.

E HUNDRED RD 3/15 Enon Elementary School. The glass was smashed out of multiple doors and the school was entered. Property was removed from a classroom.

MARTY BL 3/15 The victim saw the suspect inside her unlocked vehicle, which was parked in her driveway. Upon being seen, the suspect walked off.

MARQUETTE RD 3/15 The suspect opened the passenger door to the victim’s unlocked vehicle.

PILLOW BLUFF LN 3/15 A locked silver 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer was entered and property was reported stolen.

IRON BRIDGE RD 3/15 Chesterfield Automotive Solutions. A black and white 2007 Honda 4-wheeler was reported stolen.

PANO DR 3/16 Kimberly Acres. Unknown suspect/s entered the residence and stole items from inside. The suspect/s pried open the locked rear screen door to the rear porch and then went through an unlocked rear door to the residence to gain access.

OWL TRACE DR 3/16 Woodland Pond. Unknown suspect/s entered the garage and removed items from inside. No signs of force were found.

BRANDERS BRIDGE RD 12/31 A suspect entered a house under construction and removed copper and other items from inside.

SALEM CHURCH RD 3/16 Salem Church Middle School. Unknown suspect/s kicked in the front door of the storage shed, which allowed then to access and remove property from inside.

TINSBERRY PL 3/16 Tinsberry Trace. Two unlocked vehicles were entered and nothing was reported missing.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 3/16 License plates were reported stolen from a blue 2004 Chevrolet pickup.

COURTHOUSE RD 3/16 L.C. Bird High School. Victim and suspect were in a dispute as to whether the victim had another individual’s property. Upon not finding the item, the suspect pushed the victim back, reached into the victim’s locker and took the victim’s property.

VAYO AVE 3/16 Grindall Creek Park. When the victim attempted to break up a fight between several individuals at her residence, a suspect pointed a handgun at her, threatening to harm her.

CHESTER RD 3/17 A suspect called a location and, upon being asked to hold, said there was a bomb in the building.

THIRD AVE 3/17 A vacant residence was entered by breaking out glass in a side door. Miscellaneous items were removed.

BROADWATER RD 3/17 Broadwater Townhouses. Unknown suspect/s entered the residence through a rear window, which was possibly left unlocked.

LONGHOUSE LN 3/17 Matoaca High School waste water treatment building. A window A/C unit was pushed in, allowing access to the interior of the wastewater treatment building. Property was removed.

WILLIS RD 3/17 Bellwood Manor. The victim said she had met suspect #1 at the listed location to buy some tires and rims. The victim followed the suspect to his vehicle, which was occupied by two other subjects. When the victim entered the car, one of those subjects pulled out a gun as suspect #1 demanded her property. Upon taking the victim’s items, the suspects let her go and drove off.


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