Ettrick ES celebrates 60 days of school

Last Monday, Ettrick Elementary students used the timeline and travelled back in time and celebrated the 60th day of school.   “How appropriate that this day should fall in the season of Christmas as we promote Peace on Earth and Goodwill to man,” said Jackie Coffey, first grade teacher at Ettrick.  “The sixties were the age of youth as 70 million post-war babies became teenagers and young adults.  These young people changed the fabric of our culture forever and it wasn’t just in the bright fashions they wore, it was about understanding other cultures and embracing all cultures with love and respect.”   Part of the celebration was dressing 60’s style.  Teachers and students had fun with their outfits throughout the day.

Along with dressing 60’s style, the children also learned about the Peace Corps and viewed a video of the first man on the moon. They also reviewed award winning books such as “Where the Wild Things Are,” which is about a boy named Max who learns to deal with childhood fears.


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