Max has no wrist

Hello and welcome back to the wonderful world of the Dogpound, where you are not even safe in the confines of your own office.  Normally speaking, working in an office has very few hazards…maybe a paper cut, or an occasional misplaced thumb tack, but otherwise you usually have no fear for your life. However, as I found out, my work environment can be rather hazardous and painful at the same time.  The other day I was walking through the lobby past the receptionist’s office and right past her desk and on the opposite wall are the main office restrooms.  Since the entranceway goes into a small hallway that splits into the men’s and women’s restrooms, the only way the main entrance door can operate is to open into the adjoining walkway.  You may be a bit ahead of me here, but as luck would have it ..just as I reached the entrance  a lady came barreling out of the door catching my left wrist full throttle on the edge of the door.   I mean I hit the door jamb so hard that it brought tears to my eyes along with a 6 inch mark coupled with two small punctures that drew blood.  I looked like I had been bitten by a vampire on the wrist.  No lie!   Fortunately nothing was broken; I think the wrist knuckle…that bone that sticks up on the outside of the wrist took the blunt of the punishment.  That day I would have certainly settled for a simple paper cut.  LOL

“Man blames fate for other accidents, but feels personally responsible when he makes a hole in one.”  – Dogpound Wisdom

Psychiatry students were in their Emotional Extremes class. “Let’s set some parameters,” the professor said. “What’s the opposite of joy?” he asked one student. “Sadness,” he replied. “The opposite of depression?” he asked another student. “Elation,” he replied. “The opposite of woe?” the prof asked a young woman from Texas. The Texan replied, “Sir, I believe that would be giddyup.” [I lived in Texas a number of years and I can truly see this happening.]


  • Doctor: You’re in good health. You’ll live to be eighty.  Patient: But, doctor, I am 80 right now.  Doctor: See, what I tell you?
  • The two partners in a law firm were having lunch when suddenly one of them jumped up and said, “I have to go back to the office - I forgot to lock the safe!”  The other partner replied, “What are you worried about? We’re both here.”

My wrist is hurting so I must go lie down and seek all the sympathy I can garner from Max.  As always be good, play safe and remember accidents always happen at the worst time.  

JR and Max


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