Electronic message sign consideration postponed

A request to install an electronic message center (EMC) sign for the Chester Company LLC at the Flagstop Carwash on Iron Bridge Road was remanded back to the planning commission by the board of supervisors for further review.

The planning commission first heard the case in Oct., 2010. It has been two years since Flagstop Carwash’s original application that the board has been struggling with their policy on EMC signs.

Awaiting a new EMC sign policy recommendation from county staff, the board deferred the case from May until last week when the applicant was asked to start over again.

After addressing the board and then realizing he would not get approval, Bob Schrum, who owns the carwash said in obvious disappointment, “You do realize I would only be replacing the current reader board.”

A date to hear Flagstop’s request at the planning commission has not been set.


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