Comp. plan through Planning Commission early

The Chesterfield County planning commission turned over the comprehensive plan to the Board of Supervisors last week, completing it ahead of time by one month.

The Board had given the commission until Dec. 15 to complete their work on the document that is almost 200 pages in length. According to previous accounts by the county planning staff, there will be other documents to follow that would allow a segue from the older community plans to the new countywide comprehensive plan.

Commissioners edited many of the document’s statements, removing words, phrases and sentences that changed the message of the document from what a planning consulting firm and steering committee of 33 community members had created.

The planning commission held a number of community meetings to explain the edited version of the plan. Those meetings were not very well attended.

“I think the process worked as designed,” said Russell Gulley, the planning commissioner from the Clover Hill District. “The Board of Supervisors didn’t allude to the fact that we had to accept the document as is. I think they gave us a lot of leeway.”

Mr. Gulley had more to say about the plan than other commissioners but got support in the way of votes. The commission unanimously approved the tome that will now go to the Board of Supervisors for their consideration. According to the office of the clerk of the board, that will not happen until the new year.

The commission’s chairman, Wayne Bass of the Matoaca District, agreed that the edits made to the plan were the best they could offer.

“The plan is not perfect, but it’s a good place to start,” Bass said. “What counts is that we worked it out.”    


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