On a musical mission - Amber Yholeata

It is said that every person has a special gift to share with the world and it’s each person’s job to find their gift.

Amber Yholeata knows her gift, she has no doubt that her purpose is music and she’s on a mission to share her voice with the world.

Yholeata, a Chester transplant, is a native of the area and grew up in Petersburg. “Lived here all my life and I’ve been singing  just about the whole time,” she shared. “I could practically sing before I could talk.”

She believes that “music means everything.” Yholeata believes music is a language unto itself and points out all the music that guides people and teaches them about life.

“Music is therapy, it’s a connection,” she said. “Music is like a smile understood in any language and it breaks down barriers.” It’s the reason she feels so strongly that making music is her calling.

“I do it my way,” she added. “I want to inspire change through music and be remembered for what I’ve shared.” She believes music makes a positive impact and while she wants to be a star alongside the likes of Madonna or Lady Gaga, Yholeata wants her lasting impact to be remembered in the mission of the music. “I’d like to make an impact on children, help end world hunger and stay true to myself, just stay humble,” she mused.

Yholeata strives to be unique to present a fascinating and entertaining show. While looking for her own unique brand, she struck upon a white headpiece in keeping with the showmanship of Lady Gaga and Cher. She hopes the white hair will “represent enlightenment and brightness in my music.” As a big fan of the ‘80s music styles, she thinks the wild light hair is fitting her happy, optimistic outlook on her music.  Her belief is that all artists “have their own theme — I want to establish my look as the girl with the two tone hair and remembering the white hair for light and brightness.”

Music offers have been coming. Yholeata has been scouted and had an offer from a major recording label. She spent some time out on the coast working with a label and hopes the perfect offer is just around the corner. She admits, “I still have lots to learn about my voice and my range and what I can do.”

She writes her own lyrics and has composed at least 20 songs. She has produced one album, Forever, featuring an original score, Thursday Mornings, a song about striving to be better. The song she recounts is about “everyone’s yearning to grow and to escape their boredom and wanting to be more.” Forever is available on Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/Forever/dp/B0050S96PM/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=13210....

She’s toured in states including North Carolina, DC, New York, California and Maryland.

The next big project on Yholeata’s plate is her second album. She’s already in the studio recording her pieces to include on the album and she’s very excited about her newest piece, So What. Yholeata thinks this might be her biggest breakout song.

Her style is a little bit rock, a little bit rhythm and blues and a bit of jazz — Yholeata says it’s alternative rock but her smoky, natural voice has a unique, deeply touching magical element, one that gives her that star talent. She says her music is a little bit “pop and blues.” When she belts out a tune the room can feel her natural energy and her upbeat messages of hope, determination and sheer love of the music. “Singing is such a good feeling — it’s all-encompassing,” she gushed.  She feels as an artist it’s her job to transform people’s lives and works hard to do that with her music.

“Life in general is creative,” Yholeata said. “I’m on a mission to be your musical storyteller and hoping everyone looks at music in a different way.” She’s bringing her own brand to music and sharing a soulful sound. She is well aware, at her young tender age, that she’s got lots to learn and dues to pay. “I know it’s going to take hard work, determination, dedication and sacrifice,” she said. When she smiles her sweet  Virginia girl smile and adds, “It’s all possible.”

Yholeata can be seen belting out the tunes Saturday night at The Martini Lounge at 1911 W. Main Street in Richmond. She currently performs with the band there every Saturday night.

Performances of some of Yholeata’s pieces can be viewed on YouTube.com, keyword Amber Yholeata, purchased at iTunes, CD Baby at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/AmberYholeata, Amazon. She has a fan page on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/OfficialAmberYholeata and her Website is www.AmberYholeata.com. To help the artist with donations, go to Feed the Muse at http://www.feedthemuse.net/artistsearch.php?txtsearch=amber+yholeata&sea....

Yholeata keeps her goals humble. She knows she’s going to have to work hard for her art and she wants “to have a positive impact and inspire others.” Her plan is to stay grounded through her music. Her advice, “Shine your light; don’t dim your light.”


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