Both Dale District representatives re-elected

Dale District incumbents Jim Holland and David Wyman are returned to another term for Chesterfield’s Board Of Supervisors and School Board respectively.  Although the players and community challenges remain the same, don’t expect business as usual coming out of the County Administration Building on Courthouse Road.

“As you campaign and get out into the public you get a great deal of feedback,” pointed out Wyman. “As an incumbent you get a sense of what you’ve done. There were things that were brought to my attention that frankly I needed to work on and there were some who told me how pleased they were with what I was doing.”

Holland admitted to similar experiences in his listening campaign throughout his district. “I felt we ran a positive campaign that was focused on the issues most important to all the citizens of the Dale District. It was a tremendous honor to be re-elected by your fellow citizens. One thing I learned from the election campaign was that you never take anyone or any vote for granted,” added Holland.

Holland’s opponent in the race for the Board of Supervisors Cliff Bickford echoed the theme of addressing challenges and moving forward. “Difficult challenges lie ahead over the next 12 to 18 months regarding revenue, expenses and, of course, taxes. My hope is that the Dale District receives clear and responsible guidance from its leadership,” commented Bickford. “Economic development along with revitalization will be the two most important issues I will pursue with the county as a private citizen,” added Bickford.

Michael Jackson and Wyman split in the number of precincts carried. Were it not for the margin of victory in a couple of precincts, the outcome might have been different.

“That’s tough to swallow because I know so much more now than when I started this race and I truly feel with experience I now have I could have easily picked up the votes needed per precinct,” stated Jackson. When asked what he felt was some of the most important items for Chesterfield and specifically the Dale District in the near future, Jackson replied, “Open and transparent governance of our school system.”

Jackson also pointed out the need to getting a handle on the upcoming budget process, redistricting, graduation rates, procurement processes, hiring practices and the equitable distribution of resources across the county.

Returning school board member Wyman summed up his take on what he heard from his constituents during the race as being what needs to be front and center. “You have a large segment that cares deeply about cost and the need to run our schools in an efficient manner. The other segment cares just as deeply about how their kids are being served in the schools. And therein is the rub,” said Wyman. “The school board will be having discussions about the future of Chesterfield Schools and how we achieve that great balancing act of delivering a top quality education and doing it all at a reasonable cost.”

Holland also heard what was important to those he spoke with on the campaign trail. “The major issues to the citizens of the Dale District remain economic development, creating jobs, improving infrastructure, revitalization of areas that need it most and improving education.”


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